It seems like I’ve been blogging for a l-o-n-g time. As I look back over the stories – 421 posts (!) – one precious thread stands out beautiful and bold.  

The friends. (You).

The friends, online and in real life who have stood alongside us, through every high and every low, through seizure-free and seizure-full, through progressions and regressions, through deployments and homecomings… we’ve had a faithful community who has prayed for us, cried for us, laughed and danced the happy dance with us.

I was starting to think it might be smooth sailing from here, but it seems like we’re entering another loop of challenges. But I have been blessed beyond measure to look back and to read and remember the supportive comments and encouraging words collected like stepping stones over the past four years.

Whether you’ve left a kind word, or just read along and nodded a “Me too”, or lifted up a prayer, you have bolstered me, helped us press on. You have helped us celebrate our children.

How can I say thank you?

Laura, Rhema’s helper, is one of God’s lavish provisions in our family’s life. She is always taking pictures and recording little miracle moments for me. Last week she captured on her phone about 2 minutes worth of what years of hard work by teachers, therapists, and the support of family and community have made possible.

Some who do not know the story may totally miss the significance of it; but thanks be to God my little one has an amazing cheering section that spans many miles. That just boggles my mind and fills my heart! I can share it all here and know that others “get” this and share it back, understand what it means to me, and genuinely rejoice with us.

(And isn’t it funny how our kiddos always, always feed us morsels of hope and wonder, no matter how hard the day?)

When I watch this simple video – and it is the marvelous essence of reciprocal play – I see that Rhema cannot do it without Hope, and Hope cannot do it without Rhema.

Thank you for faithfully helping us do this.

32 thoughts on “Heartened

  1. That is incredible! I am so happy for you that you get that precious video to hold onto- especially through the rough spots. Thank you for sharing it. Amazing.

  2. Awe! That is so sweet the way that Rhema returns the ball to her sister each time. Hope must have been so thrilled to have Rhema responding to her so well. I know whenever G.T. has a break through and we make a connection for a few minutes, it just gives me a soul-rush and inspires me to keep trying to make more connections in the future.

  3. Oh the joy emanating from Hope brightened my day, the investment (wrong word, but I can’t find the right one) of Rhema, what a beautiful video gift! I love reading your blog, it reminds me to lift you, your hubby, and the girls up as you go through your day. Blessings!

  4. What an utterly precious video to watch as I start my day today. My girl has been up most of the night. Clonidine did not step up and do its job last night… I’m tired, dragging, and feeling some self-pity as I think about how this week is already starting off hard before it actually begins. Then, I watched this video. And I feel like I’m there, cheering on Rhema as she PLAYS, and laughing with Hope. Oh, His mercies are new every single morning. Thank you for being part of my village, friend.

  5. WOW, that was wonderful!! Tears in my eyes…that is SO big. I can’t tell you how many times Ethan has wanted to throw the ball AWAY from others rather than TO others. Awesome! (He watched this with me, by the way, and asked to watch it a second time!).

  6. LOVE this! Celebrating this big victory with you (it’s not right to call it a small victory – we all know how big this is for Rhema and for Hope!). What a joy to see them playing together. Praying for many more of these moments of joy for you all!

  7. The most amazing video I have ever seen!!!! The beauty….the joy…..the miracle of watching your two little ones playing together…….my heart is warm!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. It is an honor and a pleasure to be able to pray for you and to share this adventure we call life.

    The video made my heart swell!

  9. Happiness! Love! Joy! Laughter! (oh, and that’s just me!) I know how BIG that playtime really is for all of you.

    So, this new set of stairs that’s been revealed to you . . . you can climb them together. Think of the view from the next level!

  10. Thank you for letting us share in your precious story. The video is so amazing! To me it was a glimse of Rhema was being the big sister – patiently playing catch with Hope, because Hope was enjoying it so much. Such sweet sisters!

    • Yes! Although Hope can do some many things that Rhema cannot do yet, Rhema still has a patient, calm way with Hope that clearly distinguishes her as the big sister. And I love that!

  11. I love this! Rhema really does connect with her. To watch that video you’d think they’d always been doing that together. Truly magical 🙂

  12. My eyes are filled with tears of joy…..she engaged with her sister and played!!! That is amazing!!! Truly a mini miracle of God.
    Side note, Hope is such a grown up, little beanpole!!! I just love those girls.
    God continue to bless you and make it face to shine upon you.

  13. I think Hope said “Do whatever you want with the ball” and Rhema wanted to give it back, to keep on, to connect more – how awesome!

  14. Incredible miracle! Oh my, this blesses my heart to the moon and back again!!! Thanks be to God for all of the time, energy, prayers, and faith of the saints (both near and far) who bend on behalf of these precious girls. Rhema and Hope… working together, doing life in a special, special way. I’m so blessed to know you, friend.


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