Y’all must have prayed

Armed with a plate of “thank you” brownies and the prayers of many friends we walked onto a Children’s Hospital campus for Rhema’s EEG on Tuesday.

Compared to the risky life-saving surgeries involving major organs performed every day at Children’s, an EEG is a uncomplicated, relatively pain-free procedure. Not a big deal in the grand scheme of things.

(And I am grateful that all Rhema needs is an EEG now and then.)

Still, I cannot begin to express how much it meant to know that people would care about a little girl and her little EEG.

How did it go?

My description here will surely fall short, but I want to try and share it. I learned to pray 30 some years ago to the God of gods, yet I am still absolutely amazed by the power of prayer, how He hears, how He moves.

So. It was HORRIBLE.

The minute we entered the room my child L.O.S.T. it. Screaming, clawing, fighting – it was primal. It took four people – after several failed attempts – just to get her on the bed. I was sure we’d never get through it, and I was sure there were not enough brownies in the world to make up for it. Somehow with all hands on deck we managed to wrap her body in sheets, and then Velcro her into the papoose so that only her head and feet were sticking out. Even wrapped in the papoose Brandon and I had to hold her down with the full weight of our bodies.

Rhema in a papoose a few years ago.

All the while she screamed and rocked her head back and forth. The problem with this is you need to hold your head still while it gets measured and marked and then the 36 leads applied (and I thought it was only 25!). Further complicating things is Rhema’s hair. Have you seen it? It’s the thickest, curliest stuff around. Getting to her scalp is like digging for a ring in beach sand.

We tried calming her with music… we tried a DVD… we tried sips of juice. All to no avail. So Brandon had to force her head still, and then she bit him really good and the technologist wanted to call a nurse to attend to him.

About an hour into it we hadn’t made much progress. She was screaming and writhing and sweating so much that the colored markings (the measurements) that the technologist made on her head faded away before the electrodes could be placed. My poor girl.

And B and I were both trying to contain our emotions and he started questioning everything like what is the purpose of this, really? And inside I was getting mad at him for questioning anything.  And I knew people had/were praying for us but we were not doing well at all. And Hope was sitting against a wall, refusing to look, trying to block it all out. And then B was questioning why did we bring Hope in here…?

And then God showed up.

That’s probably not theologically correct. God is always there. But it’s the only way I can say it. There was a shift. We literally felt it.

Rhema calmed.

I kinda had a vision for my prayer for sweet Rhema. That God’s Spirit, His Spirit of Peace, would rush through her body like a wall of wind…reaching her right down to the cellular level….!!!…. and she would be overcome by calm, stillness, His Peace.
~E-mail from Lori


Prayers needed for our sweet, incredible-hulk-of-a-girl and her superhero family.
~FB post by Judith yesterday (with responses of “Praying!” from people I’ve never met)


I am praying… that you will see God in every face, in every hand, in every moment, doing what is best for you and for your sweet Rhema.
~Jett Wren


Praying for you right now and throughout the day. Go Rhema….you can do this girl. May God’s hands cover this appointment with His awesome power.


I just prayed that God will comfort Rhema through this whole process – that he will give her peace and help her to understand that he is holding her and caring for her. I just prayed that God will give you and and Brandon and the hospital staff guidance and patience as the leads are being placed. I will continue to pray for you all today.


The first time my son (on the autism spectrum) went to the dentist, he was so frightened by the experience that we couldn’t get another dentist to take him for four years. My daughter’s dentist met him at a time when I was desperately researching special needs pediatric dentists, and pleaded with us to let her try. He went in and sat for an entire office visit – x-rays and a full cleaning, with the aid of a small amount of understanding and show and tell from the dentist. When it was his time, it was his time. May this be Rhema’s time.

She stopped fighting. She stopped crying. She stopped screaming. She merely whimpered here and there. She let me stroke her feet. A peace settled over her, and she gave into it. And then it seemed like the time passed quickly, and we were done.

She kept every lead on her head for 24 hours without incident.

In the car in the parking lot, we prayed again. We were physically and emotionally exhausted. Just sad. So sad for our little girl, that she has to go through this. It takes a toll on the heart.

But we are also buoyed in our faith. And so blessed, encouraged, covered, carried, grateful for friends who lift us up.

Thank you.

14 thoughts on “Y’all must have prayed

  1. Oh, I am so close to tears reading this. So traumatic and so amazing. Praise God for his mercy! My heart goes out to all of you, but especially to little Hope, who has to process all of this at such a tender age. I am sure she will grow into a strong, capable and incredible woman with all of what she gets to experience having a precious sister like Rhema. I hope this is all coming across the right way. Love to you all xx

  2. Praising God right now! Praising Him and thanking Him for hearing and answering our prayers of peace and calm for sweet Rhema and for you and Brandon. So sorry that you all had to go through this but I am so thankful that our Lord was right there with you and that you could feel – FEEL – His power come into the room. Not many of us are able to say that!

  3. Tears here too — to God be the glory!

    (We’re coming up on an EEG here too in a little over a week. Haven’t done one in quite a while. Not sure what to expect, other than that God will be there.)

  4. Shared with my girls (since they were praying, too), and they reminded me to ask you how the results of the test looked.

  5. Yes, I too was wondering how the test looked!
    I thought of you and sent prayers, and I’m sorry they were a little late and didn’t kick in immediately, but I’m glad they arrived there eventually 😉 Poor Rhema, having to go through that (but you are all so strong!). It’s so hard when you can’t explain the necessity of it. You have inspired me to be strong- I am about to be separated from my husband for a year because of my job, and am so stressed about it I can barely get up in the mornings. But you’ve inspired me!

  6. Praise the Lord. Thank you so much for sharing that miracle of peace. It is so good to hear about how God visits His people and intervenes on their behalf. What a blessing your stories have been to me over the past few days. I pray that the results were good, and that the peace He supplied lasts for a good long while.

  7. I am in tears
    what breaks my heart is that they cannot understand why we are doing these things to them
    And I put myself in your shoes knowing that its taking a toll on her heart and know what a toll it must take on yours
    Much love
    Many hugs

  8. My heart hurts with you and rejoices with you and your family. It’s so hard to understand Gods sovereignty, but grateful that His grace and strength are always near. Will fervently pray as you await the results. May God’s will, peace and glory continued to be revealed through your story.

    Rom 15:13 “Now may the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, so that you will abound in hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”
    Love you all so much…

  9. Oh the poor thing. That must have been so rough for her. And you. We’ve been in that situation too where we questioned why are we doing this? There were life-saving treatments and surgeries and we wondered if we were doing the right thing. The stakes were higher but we felt the same. Were we being selfish to wanting him to stay alive when it was causing him to suffer. It was anguishing times and just when it seemed like all was lost, God acted and His mercy fell.

    We have had rough times since then not just with our son having autism but also with my severe nerve damage, back injury and fibromyalgia. We’ve been reaquainted with life or death again. We’ve been stretched and often it seems like to our breaking point but it is so we can have strength for tomorrow. We’ve said in our own house that we have to see the depth of the disability to see the greatness of the miracle where it can only be God who did it. No one can say Rhema calmed on her own, or it was the skill of the technicians. It was God. Only God. He will never leave nor forsake Rhema. He is not a man who can lie. He is faithful. And He showed up and showed off! 😀

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