“It didn’t change the eternal truth that God was sovereign,

that his provision was unfailing,

and that his love was perfect…




She knew that. .


But believing it was easier when God said yes.


It was when he said no,

or didn’t even give you a chance to voice your plea,


that trusting oftentimes became painful acceptance,

excruciating surrender…



And yet, though she hadn’t been aware of it then,


those were all the times



she’d taken a step closer to Christ.”


~Tamera Alexander

13 thoughts on “Untitled

  1. Your Rhema is so, so beautiful!! “Excruciating surrender”…that’s exactly it. My husband always reminds me that of all our children, all our experiences, all the people we’ve known or read about or looked up to, it is our Emma who has led us closest to our God. Who has taught us the most about God’s infinitely beautiful, perfect love. Praying for you all!

  2. Love it. LOVE it. Yes. Exactly. I wouldn’t say I’m happy that Ryan has autism, but I am SO grateful for what God has taught me through it. Thank you for this big hug of “get-it-ness”. Is that a word? 😉

  3. Mercy.His plan for you, my precious little niece, is Mercy. Mercy. His plan for you, my awe-inspiring big sister, is Mercy. We carry you with us. And pray God lift some of your burdens. Because we cannot imagine how you could carry so much. We pray for the faith that moves mountains but even more for the faith that helps you to just keep going that one step further. Unable to see ahead but knowing always God holds you as the apple of his eye. And although sometimes it may be through weary or tear filled eyes we still see you Rhema Beans. And you teach us to “believe again”. First and always in the one who gave you to us, in the one who cannot fail. And we rest our hearts in the assurance that he has a merciful plan for your life. You came to us perfect and you are a gift. One day you will be free of the struggle. You will lay down the burdens of this life. But we will be changed for the better because we had you. Because we saw you. None of it could hide your beauty from us. And your amazing Mama will say, “Oh the things I know, Oh the joy my soul, and how you made me whole sweet child, all because you were mine.” His plan for you is Mercy.

    Happy Birthday Nealls xoxoxo

  4. Such a sweet note from your sister (?) above.

    You are So Good – thank you for teaching *me* many lessons about faith and life and gratitude.

    Is it your birthday? Happy birthday!! (Soul sister – mine is on the 16th!).

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