My writer

I know I’ve gone on and on about Rhema learning to write. It’s been such a journey, years in the making. I cannot quite put into words how triumphant and awesome it feels to see the dream come true.

Would you indulge this grateful, super proud mama?

(If you turn up the volume you can even hear her sweet voice.)


Rhema writing for Heather, the teacher who always believed she could:

27 thoughts on “My writer

  1. REJOICING WITH YOU!!!! That is sooo wonderful! So proud of her, her teachers,m and you for lovingly, patiently, prayerfully guiding her along the this journey. Praise God!!!

  2. Today I watched the video of my grand daughter writing words. I am certain this is a witness of her given name. To God Be The Glory and props to a family(Neally, Brandon and Hope) that gives their all…..Love Poppi

  3. Am rejoicing with you! What a wonderful video, thanks for sharing it with us. Gives me hope that my non-verbal son will some day find writing to help him express his beautiful mind. I love your blog and look forward to every post. it truly does give me both a blessing and hope. Much love from Tennessee!

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