“Rhema is sucking and chewing through all her shirts. Changing her shirt as soon as she begins chewing helps to distract her from the behavior for a while. Can you please pack 3 extra tops in her backpack each day?”

But… but… I don’t have any more.

I’ve tried

thick ones,

thin ones,

button-down ones,

collar-ed ones,

V-necked ones,

dressy ones,

new ones,

old ones,

swim-suit ones,

borrowed ones,

layered ones,

hoodie ones.

No shirt (or dress) has ever gone on and come off… un-holey. This summer, not a one survives the day.

They are so ripped and torn and holey they don’t even make good rags.


So I had to go to the store (again) because my kid was topless.


Autism is expensive.

Thank goodness for $4 shirts!

Just sayin’. 😉

10 thoughts on “Holey

  1. Mine does the same thing! Her shirts are always soaked, and her little belly always showing. Lol. Oh well, what can you do? Thanks for sharing. Glad to know someone else has the same little quirk. 😉

  2. I understand this so completely. We’ve been lucky (if you can call it that) because our son chews the bottom of his shirts during the summer (tummy fully exposed to the passing world a la Chunk from Goonies) so I have been able to switch about the holies since bottom holes aren’t nearly as noticeable. Straws and theratubing has helped save a few tops from time to time as well.

  3. What about that chewlry? Or, if that’s not a texture she likes what about some kind of scarf she could wear when she’s most likely to engage in that. Maybe it could be removed when she’s playing or something.

    • Thanks! We’ve tried chewy tubes in the past with no success. Don’t know how she’ll tolerate a necklace, but I’m going to order chewelry today!

    • My girl uses. Chewlry, but that’s more to replace chewing on here hearing aids. I have found a lycra sheet (just a piece of lycra fabric on amazon is about $10) works well as a replacement. That said, we still have the very wet shirt problem….

  4. Yes! My brother has had the same issue…my mom always ended up at Walmart, too! If it’s any encouragement, he did grow out of it and does it very rarely these days. 🙂

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