Hope and Mommy Day

on our last Hope and Mommy Day before you go off to be a big-girl kindergartener,

you change your name to Lilypad and dub me Bubbles.

your little hand in mine, the light dancing around you,

the way you tilt your curly head before you ask the hundredth question,

your ever-shining eyes and gut giggles,

your raspberry-lemonade kiss,


the certainty that I will never get enough of you,

how you like no other have filled my days with immeasurable gladness and love,

the plea in my heart: pretty baby, stay with me forever,

my joy in knowing you’ll share your Hope-ness with the world.


this is what I’ll remember of our time

before you go off to be a big-girl kindergartener…

how you were Lilypad and I was Bubbles.

11 thoughts on “Hope and Mommy Day

  1. I bet you cried…I know I did when my daughter started kindergarten. Beautiful, Jeneil. Oh, and my daughter dubbed herself Rosie Apple Dumpling!

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