Dem apples

Both girls went on apple-picking field trips — Rhema went last week and Hope this week. The orchard happens to bear the same name as our last name. Brandon (of course) made the joke that the orchard was our orchard.

Hope’s teacher told me that while on the field trip Hope informed everyone there that her Daddy owned the place.

“Oh. Ha ha. That was a joke!”

And we laughed while Hope stood there staring, confused.

I had to tell her several times later, that really, the orchard did not belong to us – and sadly, not even the bakery with apple cider donuts. She wanted to know why, then, did it have the same name as ours. I explained that we’re not the only people on the planet with that last name.

She sighed, thinking of her classmates with their bags full of fruit. “And I thought we were sharing our apples with the world.”

My sweet girl. Our interactions, our conversations, this gift of time with her. All miracles.

Goodness, she makes me laugh.

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