This is a gross post

Because it’s always something.


Our latest challenge involves vomiting. Rhema’s been known to gag on her food and then throw up. She used to do this every once in a while. A couple months ago she ramped up to once a week. Now it’s happening almost every day. And I must say, my girl puts the projectile in projectile vomit.

The worst was when it happened at a friend’s birthday party a few weeks ago. They had just finished singing Happy Birthday and were ready to pass out the cake when Rhema tossed her cookies… and the fifty cheese balls and fruit punch she had just consumed.

She recently went to the doctor – she’s not sick. It doesn’t appear to be seizure related. It’s reminiscent of her feeding disorder days, and we’re trying to make her eat slowly and cut up her food into small portions. I’m also trying to determine if certain types of foods or textures are causing her to gag. No clear answers yet.

In the meantime we’ve been doing lots and lots of cleaning.

Last night we all sat down to dinner and said grace. Not 2 minutes after we said Amen, Rhema gagged and hurled, covering our plates and the whole table in a vibrant spew. For a moment we didn’t move. And then B and I, because by now we have definitely lost our minds, burst out laughing. (I really hope I lost 10 lbs because I didn’t eat last night).

I thought we’d found and cleaned it all, but today at work when I dug in my purse I discovered a massive amount of day-old pink puke. Sniff. My girl is always with me!

We *are* trying to keep a sense of humor about it, we are talking to her doctors and seeking advice and hoping that soon “this too shall pass.”

17 thoughts on “This is a gross post

  1. Oh my sweet, sweet, friend. Your sense of humor gives me strength. Praying that you find answers from the doctors soon and that there is no projectile of anything at dinner tonight. Sending you much love and many hugs!

  2. I reeeaallllyyyy wish things weren’t so difficult for your family. I pray all the time for you to have a good day. Now I pray that you find the cause of this vomiting and are able to ease poor little Rhemas discomfort.

  3. Oh my gosh .. we’ve been there! Jack has gone through periods where he eats too quickly — almost frantically — and then a few minutes later it all just comes back up. It is awful!

    I think laughing about it is likely the best approach. Any advice from her team at school? We did exactly as you described — worked to slow him down and control his intake. Did a full GI scope to rule out reflux, etc. Eventually he evened out. But just like all behaviors, occasionally it reemerges. So hard!

  4. Your sense of humor is spectacular, my friend. Praying that this is a short, short phase for Rhema — and that this does NOT turn out to be one of the many similarities between our kiddos — Rose has a puke-phobia that would send her ’round the twist if her sister started tossing her cookies like that — is Hope taking this all in stride?

    • Yes, Hope seems to take everything in stride. But she’s been praying that Rhema would “stop throwing up because it’s getting a little embarassing.” =}

  5. Been there…home and/or school. So not fun. I have now learned to be grateful that it has not (yet) reached my purse!

  6. Have you talked to a GI about eosinophilic esophagitis? My ASD son has ee (primary symptom: vomiting). Our doc thinks its way under-diagnosed in the autism population. For my son, it’s controlled by eliminating the food allergens. Praying that no matter what it is, that Rhema gets better really really soon.

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