My favorite exercise

Couldn’t get to the gym.

So I ate three apple cider donuts instead.

Then I decided to dust off the Insanity DVD’s my friend Laura loaned me and work out in the living room. So I could justify the three donuts and maybe a fourth.

Hope said she wanted to be insane too so she grabbed her sneakers and a water bottle. Rhema hid behind the pillows on the couch.

The video started and I was on my way to being in the best shape of my life. Hope crashed into me and warned me to look out for Lucy, her imaginary friend. Five seconds into high knees and keeping my core tight I was about ready to die Rhema ran over to me, smiling big. Her laughing eyes looked straight into mine and she held out her hands to me.

Well. No one can resist those eyes. Or that smile. And when she initiates an interaction, reaches out to me, wants to play? I will stop and drink in every moment of connection with my girl. While the skinny chicks on the video did tuck jumps and worked on their obliques, we did 9 reps of Ring Around the Rosie.

Then I walked giggling Rhema back to the couch and returned to my workout just in time for a new exercise. I got into my low plank position… (you know the position for push-ups and stuff). But the dude on the video expected me to do push-up jacks which is a push up and a jumping jack combined into one which is… impossible. I was sweating just imagining it. That’s when Rhema came over and sat on my back. Giddyup. I dropped to the floor and laid there for about 10 minutes.

Then I got Rhema off my back (ha!) and walked her back to the couch. It was time for “insane abs” and I really felt like I should do that part. I followed the instructions to assume a C-sit position. I sat down, leaned back and curved myself into C. Hope, ever so helpful, declared I looked like an L, not a C. I was doing the ab-twists-while-lifting-alternating-knees routine when all 60 pounds of my 8.5 year old  came over and sat in my lap, making ab-twists-while-lifting-alternating-knees unfeasible. She looked at me expectantly, waiting for me to begin singing nursery rhymes. It’s what we do. And so I did. My heart jumping and twisting and high-kneeing.

And just like that my maximum cardio high intensity total body conditioning workout was over.

Phew! 😉

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15 thoughts on “My favorite exercise

  1. Can so relate. The other day we were trying to get Ian to do his PT exercises in our living room–the space we have to “work out” is maybe 6 feet by 8 feet–and here comes Rebekah to sit on me, and then over comes Katie who has no understanding of personal space whatsoever, and then Emma who is all gangly clumsy, and they’re all saying, “Mommy watch this,” and try lying down in that tiny space to stretch? ridiculously fun but not so great for real exercise. and that’s why we go for walks. a lot.

  2. I giggled at the mental picture of all of this. When I lost 100 pounds (that I have since gained again. ahem.) I would do Walk away the pounds dvd’s with the kids because it was the only way I could fit it into my day. We had many moments like that. ❤

  3. That’s too funny!! 😀 And so sweet, too! Its a rare & phenomenally beautiful thing when my girl initiates play with me, so whatever she interrupts, I choose to play, too. Rhema must have thought this was your new way of getting her involved with you & her sissy. And it looked fun, so she wanted in, too! Ha! 🙂

  4. I Love It!!! Sometimes kids give you (and your nerves) the best workout of your life!!! Celebrating with you as you enjoy the precious good times.

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