Elvis sighting in the storm

“The term “Elvis Sightings” comes from the book Unstrange Minds: Remapping the World of Autism by Roy Richard Grinker. It’s a one-time utterance or action that comes surprisingly out of nowhere, and then disappears again.”
~From JoyMama’s blog

We were all sitting at the kitchen table and Brandon was reading to Hope. Rhema picked up a tambourine and shook it, making lots of happy racket.

Well, in case you didn’t know it by now, we pretty much love anything she does. (Except puke, smear poop, eat hair, grab, etc.). She is so clever and creative and funny. I cannot begin to convey how much Brandon, Hope and I delight in her, how we enjoy being her family.

We all cheered to her noise-making.

“That sounded great, Rhema!”

“Good job!!!”

She looked very intentionally around the table and beamed.

Then she said,

“Ya weh co.”

It bubbled out of her, full. Completely unprompted, joyful and sincere. A love-offering to us.

“I think she just said ‘You’re welcome.’”

“Yes, I think she did.”

Thank you, sweet Rhema.


(Psst! There was also a Hope-sighting in yesterday’s hurricane):

11 thoughts on “Elvis sighting in the storm

  1. I pray for you every day. I’m so excited that she is not only responding to your verbal compliments, but she strung words together that belonged together.

    She is marvelous.

  2. Oh that’s so gorgeous! Also, as an Aussie, I have no idea where you guys fit on the globe, but I know you’re somewhere in the US and am glad to see you are all ok after the big storm! x

  3. Yippee!!! Love the “elvis sightings.” Sweet little/HUGE gifts from our special children. So glad you all are safe! And I love Hope’s raincoat :).

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