Her cheeseburger

I had to work late, so B was in charge of dinner.

He took them to McDonalds. Yeah.

Sweet man that he is, he knew I missed the girls so he texted me a picture.

Hope: Whoa. I’m holding a chicken nugget that still has skin on it!
Rhema: Kill me now.

Later I texted him back:

“You got Rhema a cheeseburger right?”

“No. Chicken nuggets.”

“She doesn’t eat chicken nuggets.”

“Well, she eats the skin.”

“Yes, she peels off the skin so Hope can eat the nuggets. But Rhema doesn’t eat nuggets! Look at her face in that picture! She wants a cheeseburger!”

“I… I didn’t know.”

“Cheese. Cheese! She likes cheeseburgers now.”

“Oh. So that’s why she was looking at my meal so longingly. I had two cheeseburgers myself.”


I spent the rest of the night freaking out because my kid had chicken nugget skin for dinner. So often I wonder what she would say if she could. Would she tell me, “Mom, these pants make me itchy.” Or “I’m kind of sick of the rice bars you keep putting in my lunch.” Or “I prefer showers to baths now.”

I feel like there’s so much I don’t know. Is she thirsty? Does she hurt? Does she need to go potty? Is she too warm? I am a student of Rhema, always thinking about her, always trying to think like her, for her.

But the things I know, I know. And dagnabbit I know the girl likes cheeseburgers! Cut up into 10 bite-sized pieces exactly. No bread. No pickles.

So the next day we went back to McDonalds. Yes, we did. McDonalds two days in a row. Bad, bad.

But I had to let her know I know…

Things made right.

Ketchup dippin’, oh yeah!

It’s so important to me that she knows I know.

And really I’d do just about anything to see her smile.


Ok, just for you. (Sniff, this is Rhema’s story!) Here is the best love song about a cheeseburger that ever was written:

19 thoughts on “Her cheeseburger

  1. What a good momma!!! Us momma’s know – dads are awesome, but sometimes they just miss the little things that mean so much to our kiddos!! Thanks for sharing!!

  2. Oh the smile!
    We just know these things as mothers right? Not only do we know what our kids like, we know how important it is that they know we know. I’d go to McDonald’s every night 🙂

  3. Before I read I could tell that she clearly did not want nuggets…she wanted the dang cheeseburger!! You know your girl so well!! Of course I’m partial to Five Guys!! Thanks for sharing this. 🙂

  4. Despite that fact that Veggie Tales characters (and clowns) freak me out a bit, that song is so appropriate.

    I agree with the comments about “the smile.” Worth going out of your way for!

  5. Love that Rhema got her cheeseburger! I know that feeling of joy when I can give something to Olivia, just the way I know she likes it. Sometimes I even see the joy in HER eyes when I “get it.” It’s our own little language of love.

  6. Ahhh ketchup the only vegetable the boy eats. His dipping skills are legendary. It is so hard to not know what they think or what they like but we always figure it out in the end. xo

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