Uterus Cake

My twin and I were chatting on the phone about my upcoming surgery.

She said to me, “What can I do?”

I thought for a moment and then said, “I would like some Uterus Cake. Yes. Yes, I would like to pay tribute to the uterus. I mean, without it the world would not have Rhema and Hope. This can be our way of saying “Thank you” and “Goodbye.”

“Uterus Cake. You got it.”

Immediately my sis hung up the phone and called the bakery lady.

“My sister is having surgery next week. We need Uterus Cake. ASAP.”

The bakery lady did not miss a beat, “Uterus Cake. You got it.”

A couple days later when my twin went to pick up the cake, she was rendered momentarily speechless.

The beautiful cake… appeared to be a white pregnant lady.

This was a major crisis. Because I am neither pregnant nor white.

You may ask, how? How did my twin know the cake was a white girl?

Well, you can’t see it in the picture but the… um… cleavage… the color of the cleavage gave it away.

She rushed the cake home and sat it on her kitchen table. She paced and contemplated her next move. The whole family would be arriving soon.

She ran to the store and bought chocolate frosting.

Sniff. It is a good, good sister who will paint the er, girls, on your cake with chocolate frosting.

So there you have it. My Uterus Cake.

My Dad totally didn’t get it. He wondered why we got a Minnie Mouse cake. He thought the, er, girls were Minnie Mouse’s ears.

And it was a little weird when I was handed the knife to cut the cake, aka, me. I felt like I was giving myself a C-section.

I loved my cake, and we laughed ourselves silly! I want Cervix or Ovary Cake next.

My sister is the best!



17 thoughts on “Uterus Cake

  1. I’m speechless with laughter. And a little teary at the love of your sister. What a way to celebrate your uterus which did, in fact, bring forth two exquisite gifts to this life.

  2. This is way too funny!!! Glad you have a sense of humor about the whole thing. Who would of thought of a uterus cake to begin with? Jeneil, you are such a special person in the eyes of God. He is going to give you a special blessing through all of this. What might that be? Well, We’ll be looking in future blogs for that!! My prayers are with you.

  3. AWESOME! Minnie Mouse Uterus Cake! (Because Micky can’t have a uterus…) Prayers coming your way from out west for a healthy outcome and speedy recovery. Blessings!

  4. Good to catch up with you and your life this morning! I said good-bye to my uterus several years ago. I remember crying in the hospital that night, thinking I’d let go of a very important part of my womanhood (it ended up being a huge blessing, so hang on for the beautiful side of this;). Little did I know, there would be more sacrifices to come. I’m pretty much a “shell” now . . . it’s OK, I’m laughing.

    May God’s peace rest upon you as you travel through this “letting go.” I’m praying that Rhema and Hope and Brandon will be equal to the task of your healing.

    Lots of love… `elaine

  5. That is hilarious!!!! I just LOVE your relationship with your twin. Through it ALL, you girls always make a reason to smile. Love it!!!!

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