Just a word

“Mom, while you were talking on the phone Rhema ate a popsicle,” says Hope the tattler.



I turn to Rhema in mock shock and disbelief, “Rhema, did you sneak a popsicle???!!!”

Rhema has her usual stance – face covered, hiding behind her arm. Hope is giggling.

“I can’t believe this!” I say dramatically.

A toothy grin pops out beneath the arm.

(Oh, I love, love it when she smiles.)

“Rhema! Did… did you sneak a popsicle???” (Rhema “sneaks” a popsicle several times a day).

I wink at Hope, and she is belly-laughing now.

And then we’re totally surprised when Rhema lowers her arm, looks at us with a sparkle in her brown eyes and boldly says,

“Yeh.” (Yeah).

She quickly covers her face again, but we can still see the grin. And I’m already wondering if it really happened that she was so engaged with us, that she understood it all and responded correctly – that she even responded at all. But I’m too happy, too full, sitting there with my laughing, smiling beauties to do anything but whisper thank you for the moment. And I’m catching a glimpse of something in my sweet girl I’m not sure I’ve ever seen before – a sense of humor.



***Sarah won the book giveaway. Thanks Sarah! Chicken Soup for the Soul: Parenthood hits bookstores tomorrow (the 12th)!

17 thoughts on “Just a word

  1. Just a word–but what a WORD! This made me smile so wide! I just love the picture and even more so the mental image I have of Hope’s belly laugh, Rhema peaking from behind her arm, and the light on your face as you registered that word and all it meant. love.

  2. At the North Shore ARC workshop today there was discussion about the need for more research on the role humor plays in getting ASD kiddos to relax and engage more fully in the back and forth of a social interaction. This is a perfect example! And adorable too!

  3. I’m a parapro in an elementary school and love reading about your special girl and the deep love you have for her! I work with some amazing kiddos and love seeing the growth in them and your Rhema – and your joy and pride over those accomplishments- that people on the outside can’t always appreciate! You’re an amazing mother.

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