Easter Diorama

A couple days ago I shared this picture with friends:


“Blame it on busyness or laziness, but we still haven’t taken down our Christmas tree. Yeah. So Hope quietly decorated it for Easter and dubbed it the Easter tree. (Pay no attention to the candy canes).”

The husband and I are arguably the least crafty-creative people on the planet and we’re really bad when it comes to holidays and decorating. If/when we manage to put something up it almost never comes down. Every day of the year we look upon the nativity set my friend Jess gave me two Christmases ago.


My friend Annie, endless supplier of fun projects for us, suggested we make a Peeps diorama to go under our Easter tree… right next to the Christmas presents still under the tree.

So… drumroll please.

I give you our Peeps Resurrection story.


Jesus died for His peeps.


Jesus rose again for His peeps!!!

(We may never take it down).

Happy Easter!


“Everyone loves a Christmas tree, but it’s that bent Easter tree that guarantees His love for us.” ~ Ann Voskamp.com

12 thoughts on “Easter Diorama

  1. Who makes up the rules? Jesus paid the price… he broke their rules and arose! Wonderful. Let your Garden grow to the Glory of our Lord. Love this report! Honesty. Merry Christmas… Happy Easter! Rejoice.

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