Best spit ever

“But hope has a way of turning its face to you just when you least expect it. You walk in a room, you look out a window and something there leaves you breathless. You say to yourself it’s been a while since I felt this, but it feels like it might be hope.” ~Sara Groves


You know how some days are particularly hard and discouraging?

Like when your child’s arms are so swollen and bruised from self-biting you cover them in long sleeves because you can’t bear to look.

Like when the school nurse calls to tell you she’s having absence seizures.


And then there’s this one good thing that happens that changes everything?

Like when she shows you something new and brilliant and unexpected.

Isn’t that a such a rollercoastery-but so worth-it-joyful-hopeful-most-awesome feeling ever?



A typically developing 10-month old can blow out candles or blow bubbles. Due to oral motor difficulties, Rhema has never been able to do this. Today while Brandon was blowing a small pinwheel, we noticed Rhema watching him closely and trying to purse her lips. I’ve never seen her try to imitate an action in such a way before. We handed her the pinwheel and… we got a spit bath. She tried so hard! It was amazing to see her want to succeed. If you’ve got 19 seconds, please watch her wonderful success!


11 thoughts on “Best spit ever

  1. Love it. And get it.
    Right around his 4th birthday, My Jay started managing to blow out candles and to blow dandylions. There was plenty of spit involved. 2 years later his form is still awkward, but there’s less spit. Doesn’t matter one iota to me though. I love that he tries so hard and I really love seeing Rhema spin that wheel.

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