The happiest

The other day B and I were talking about the aging process.

I say the circles under my eyes have become pronounced and my eyelids are puffy.

He agrees with me, teasing: “Oh yeah! I see what you’re saying.”

Indignant Hope exclaims, “No!! They aren’t puffy at all. Your eyes are great!” This child defends me, thinks of me, only always sees the good.

Pretty baby, don’t you leave me. I have been saving smiles for you. I sing it to her at night.

I tell her, “One day, Hope, you will look at me and you will see the flaws (internal and external), and that’s ok. I want you to know that every day you’ve made me the happiest mother.”


8 thoughts on “The happiest

  1. I love reading our blog. It was very nice meeting you at Laura’s wedding (I am the one who introduced myself as you were walking into church/I read 1john). I felt silly after, realizing how I know what you look like because I have seen your blog and you had no idea who I am! I enjoyed the one day I got to meet Rema (After endlessly begging Laura to bring her to Lisa’s and I would be there lol) and watch her eat her macaroni..It is truly a talent how fast she inhales it! I was so happy to see that she was able to come to the reception. And oh my goodness, is Hope cute too, loved seeing her dance! You have a very inspiring family and your love for the Lord inspires me. Take care!

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