We’ve been blessed to have some very special individuals come into the life of our family and care for us. Melissa, Laura, Rachel and Dana have been sitters and respite care for us, and all have left an imprint. They will always be dear to us.

Laura now works as an ABA counselor at a residential program. (But we had her first!) For over a year she cared for the girls two afternoons a week, took them on Gloucester adventures and fed them a million gluten free chicken nuggets. She knew I missed them while I was at work and she would send pictures and videos to me all the time. I never worried for a second when she was with the girls and that’s no small thing. I told her that for a mother to know that her children are safe, well cared for and happy… well you just can’t put a price on that.

I’ll never forget the Saturday morning she met me at Rhema’s speech therapy appointment bearing hot chocolate. We sat in the waiting area and I asked her how I could pray for her. She told me about Tim who was just in the “possibility category”… Yeah right!

Two weekends ago Laura and Tim got married.

Laura insisted on having Rhema and Hope at her bridal shower and wedding. At her shower, I worried that we might cause quite a disturbance with Rhema running circles or shrieking or sampling other people’s food. But her family gathered us under their wings, loved on us, treated us like honored guests. I think Rhema sat on Laura’s lap for half of the shower (all 75 pounds of her).

Even in planning her reception she thought of us – telling me in advance the best time to arrive, making sure to seat us near the bathroom and near the food (Yes!), having lots of coloring books and crayons and beads… she thought of everything.

At the wedding, we sat in the back and tried to be quiet. But before the ceremony even began Rhema started having trouble. Now normally I don’t mind taking her to walk around outside or hide out in the bathroom. But this time I gave Brandon a look that he correctly interpreted as, ‘Dude, ain’t no way I’m missing this wedding.’ He promptly exited with Rhema.

Laura’s mother entered and just before she was escorted down the aisle she leaned over and assured me, “Rhema’s on the bus.”

The control freak in me was tempted to run out the church and assess the damage, but the wedding was starting and there ain’t no way I was missing that wedding. It’s a good thing, too, because it was the most beautiful and sacred ceremony. I’m sure everyone in the room felt blessed to witness and be a part of it.

Later Brandon told me that when he and Rhema stepped outside, Laura saw them from the limo bus. She immediately asked for them to come inside. When her wedding party got off the bus and entered the church, Rhema remained, happily sitting with Laura. Laura gave her gummy bears and granola bars to eat.

Brandon said, “You know, I thought she might be… busy… about to walk down the aisle and everything. But at that moment no one seemed more important to her than Rhema.”

God makes our cup brim with blessing and Laura’s in it; she’s one of the ways God shows extravagant love to my family.

Congratulations, my friend!

9 thoughts on “Laura

  1. One of the blessings of living with autism is having people like this appear in our lives, often at just the right time. Who sits in their wedding limo handing out granola bars and gummy bears? What an act of pure beauty and love .. Thank you for sharing this.

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