Hope’s good confession

Hope wanted to share her faith story. It took her six-year-old fingers over an hour to type this, but she was happy for a reason to stay up past her bedtime. A link to her song is ->here<-.

I was ridin in the car and daddy was tell ing me how jesus wants us to giv him are hearts and I prayd and gav him my heart . a  song was playing .hee is mersiful and grasiful  . my fravorit verse is 1 john 4:14 the father sent the son to be the savyour of the werld 1 john 4:14. I woud sing the gospl changes evrything to tell peepl about jesus. love HOPE.

10 thoughts on “Hope’s good confession

  1. Hope, like your mother you are a beautiful writer. I am so happy you got to stay up past your bedtime to tell us about Jesus. I hope one day you can meet Margaret Ann. She is seven years old and in second grade. Thank you for sharing God’s love with us…..and keep on writing!! Love and prayers…..Mrs. Cheairs

  2. Thank you for your testimony, Hope. I pray that you will continue to follow Jesus all your life and talk about Him all the time. You are a lovely young lady. Miss Gail

  3. Hope – Thank you for sharing your faith story. How special that you were able to make that decision with your daddy. I know you make Jesus very happy with your love for Him and the way you love your family. I hope you will keep writing – it is a great way to share about the great things our God does! Hugs from a friend of your mama in Oregon – Kim

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