Walking Warriors

For my non-Facebook-using family members, I am posting pictures from the 2013 Greater Boston Walk Now for Autism Speaks event. It was another rainy, soggy year at Suffolk Downs, but we had a blast! I got some sweet time with my curly ‘fro rockin’ Rhema, just the two of us, as we stomped around the track. Earlier on the phone, Brandon had asked that our family make it a day for praying for Rhema, lifting her and everything about her to God. I wasn’t super spiritual as we walked. I just held her hand and prayed that she knows how much she is loved.

My twin and my niece joined us as for The Walk as they often do. Having my sister there was especially meaningful. Only a month ago she suffered a serious relapse of her MS. She is still recovering. We laughed and dubbed ourselves the Walking Warriors. We snapped pictures with our phones and groaned about the rain and mud and we didn’t take one single step for granted. I am so grateful my sister walks with me, every day, no matter what.







And then there was the afterparty… 🙂


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