Paper bracelet

Somewhere between hauling the groceries up the stairs and wondering how the sink got full of dishes again and listening to Hope chatter on –something about that thing in my room having more than six legs so it couldn’t be an insect and how she wished she could turn into a ladybug because red is very close to pink and pink’s her favorite color and how do you spell arachnid? and rushing, rushing, worrying about the warning light in the van and the fact that Rhema needs another EEG and how the laundry and mail piles taunt me and questioning if I’m doing enough to ensure the girls are happy and well during this year their father is deployed and feeling the weight of making this all work, alone … Hope put a homemade bracelet on my arm.


I didn’t stop to really look at it until after she went to bed. I didn’t know it but wore it all day, the message that I am loved.

Ahhhh. Smile. Breathe. Laugh.

It was like Father God whispering it too: I see you. I love you.


All I need.

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