Just thankful

It’s late on Veteran’s Day, and I just had to write something about how blessed and grateful we are. Recently I received a call from the husband of Hope’s former teacher. He’d spoken at their school last week about Veteran’s Day and he was calling to check on Hope because “she’d been upset about her dad.” This was news to me, and I immediately asked Hope about it. She told me she’d cried a lot at school that particular day.

“Oh Hope, you didn’t tell me. Why were you crying?”

“Because I just miss Daddy.”

I’d been so busy just trying to make everything run smoothly, I realized that we had not really talked about how Brandon’s absence affected her. He deployed 4 months ago, 8 more to go, and that’s a long time to a 6 year-old. I almost forgot that’s it’s hard for her, too.

“I know you must miss him a lot. I’m so sorry, baby.”

We talked about Veteran’s Day and her button-brown eyes lit up at the thought of “celebrating Daddy.”

We did celebrate him and we did miss him. We received so many messages of thanks and it really means a lot.

Homecoming 2010

Homecoming 2010

Hope and I also talked about the ways people have helped our family in the past months. We are thankful for…

-Our neighbor (and church friend) who does whatever he can to help with the house – from fixing the shower door to installing a new garbage disposal.

-Another friend from church helps when the engine light goes on in my car or the brake lights go out; another cuts the grass.

-I was dreading winter (I so don’t enjoy going through winters without my husband). But this weekend a group of men will come over and do yard cleanup, take down the trampoline, put away the patio furniture, crank up the snow blower, get us ready for winter.

-A wonderful babysitter

-My friend Lori whose sole mission is to feed me through this deployment! I spend a lot of time preparing allergy-free meals for Hope and Rhema, and Lori spends a lot of time preparing the most delicious gluten-filled, dairy-filled, egg-filled food just for me!

-The love and companionship of family –aunts, uncles, cousins and grandparents

-Incredibly supportive schools and teachers for Rhema and Hope

-The precious family who takes Hope to the mid-week program at church, enabling me to stay home with Rhema.

-My twin… and her husband who keeps us supplied with comic relief and cupcakes

-Long-distance friends who faithfully check on me, send cards, encourage me, pray for us.

We are so blessed. Thank you.

8 thoughts on “Just thankful

  1. So awesome to see so many close to you are able to help you during this time. It’s such an encouragement to me…wish I were closer to lend a hand, but glad you are being taken care of in such a way!

  2. Hi, Diary of a Mom sent me to you. I volunteer for an organization called Freedom Steps and we send care packages to soldiers who are deployed. We will be packing and sending our Holiday Care Packages soon and wanted to know if we could send your husband a package? If you know of anyone else deployed please feel free to send me their contact info. If you could also provide the branch they are in, how long they will be there and how many ppl are in their unit so we can send enough for everyone. Please pass this along. Look forward to hearing from you!!

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