Mail Call (again)

A few years ago when Brandon was deployed to Iraq I made a “mail call request” and it was so awesome to hear about all cards he received. I wanted to do it again this year.

I’ve been better about correspondence this time around (read: I sent him a birthday card a couple months ago). Oh, and I sent him a cupcake! (It was 2 weeks old by the time he got it, and he ate every bit!) But I’m still so bad at this!

So. My request:

As you are dropping beautiful holiday cards or family newsletters in the mail, would you address one to him???  All you have to do is put a stamp on it and drop it in the mailbox (-no need to go to the post office).

He and his fellow soldiers have everything they need – lots of care packages, Girl Scout cookies, movies, socks, etc.

But I would love for him to feel thought of and remembered this Christmas. Believe me, he loves this stuff. He hasn’t lived in his hometown since he was eighteen, and he still loves to read the town’s 4-page newspaper and every Sunday church bulletin.

His address:

MAJ Brandon Russell
APO AE  09306


Help a sista out?

22 thoughts on “Mail Call (again)

  1. I follow your blog and love it and your family. I am a member of a club in college and we write cards to soldiers all the time. I’m having us all send them directly to B this time! Merry Christmas (:

  2. Absolutely! In honor of family members that served and who are now home safe and sound I am going to rally my ginormous family to help your cause! Love your blog! Godspeed to your husband!

  3. Our card is on the way along with cards made by students at the two schools I have previously taught at. Wishing you a Blessed Christmas.

  4. Brandon and I went to high school together, he is such an amazing person, so grateful for his service. I love your blog.. I will send a card out ASAP!.

  5. I am thankful for you blog. Your daughters are very much like mine. My younger daughter has Autism, my older daughter does not. They take care of each other in their own special ways just as your daughters do. I would be honored to send your husband a card and thank him for all that he does to insure our freedoms here at home. Blessings, Jeanette in Bolivar ,

  6. Finished addressing Christmas cards today – it will go in the mail tomorrow! I’m not sure if you were in morning church today, but Pastor Rich mentioned your family and I’m sure, many (myself included) are praying for you all today and this week. Merry Christmas. – Beth Melillo

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