All my party people

“Hey hey hey hey, where my party people? Oh oh oh oh.”
~Florida Georgia Line

Last weekend Hope had a little birthday party at a pottery place, and she really wanted her dad to “attend.”

So he did.

It was close to midnight his time. And the audio on the iPad was not cooperating. But we made sure he had a seat at the table.

I gripe about how hard it is to communicate when Brandon is deployed. But it’s amazing to see the changes in technology over the years. During his first deployment in 2003 and 2004, it was still early in the war and the infrastructure for the communication we’re used to now simply was not there. There was no FaceTime. Skype had only just released a Beta version. I recorded lots of video, but Brandon essentially missed the first year of Rhema’s life. During his second deployment to Iraq I brought my laptop to Rhema’s IEP meeting, and he was able to Skype in for it, and it kind of freaked out the district liaison to have his face sitting next to her!

Anyway, it’s even better this time around. I’m thankful. We’re thankful.  He doesn’t want to miss a thing. And so he was right there.


9 thoughts on “All my party people

  1. That is the greatest! My sister here in Oregon and I did Facetime with our brother and other sister 700 miles away in L.A. on Thanksgiving. It was so special – felt like they were (almost) right there with us. So glad Brandon could be there for Hope’s birthday!

  2. I just discovered your blog tonight. I was diagnosed with Asperger’s at 4 and someone I follow on Twitter has MS. I saw your “Don’t MS with me” thing. I bet Trevor (that’s my Twitter friend’s name) might like it. He has a sense of humor and won’t let MS affect his life and goals, since he has no symptoms now. He takes no meds, just does diet and exercise. He’s a known person and I didn’t give a last name so you can’t complain about my usage of his name.

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