Their version

Thanks for your prayers for Rhema! She is still struggling a lot, but as we’ve come to expect on this journey, even on the hard days there are beautiful moments of progress, hope and love that just take my breath away. I’m so thankful God does that for us. We are blessed!

I almost forgot the many hours of early intervention, OT and ABA therapy in which the goal was to help Rhema clap her hands. She could not imitate the action and when our hands guided hers, her fingers would curl in. It seemed to take much motor planning and coordination to flatten her hands and put them together.

But now there is Pat-a-Cake. (In which Hope takes all credit for teaching)…

Their own special version of non-verbal imitation, rhyme and rhythm, associating gestures and spoken words, social play, joint attention, and miraculous, one of a kind sister-love connection. 🙂


12 thoughts on “Their version

  1. Oh my goodness. It’s Amy and Jack all over again.. I cannot begin to tell you how much I love this, love you and love our babies. Thank you for reminding me of the rich love we get to witness!

  2. Of course I watched it twice. Love.

    I love that Hope looks right into Rhema’s eyes. I love that Hope tickles her. I love that Rhema is doing pat-a-cake — all of that hand clapping and rolling is nothing to sneeze at. I love that they have that to do, as sisters. They are blessed to have each other. Love.

  3. I have been following your blog for a while now but this is my first time writing. Each time I read your entries, and especially about Rhema and Hope, I am touched to the core by the love that exudes from your writing. I’ve watched this particular video about four times, tears welled up in my eyes, and though I’ve never met your sweet girls, though I know nothing more than what you’ve shared, I felt the love through the video. What a truly special bond they have.

    I have a daughter who is 9 and is autistic. She is verbal, and is mainstreamed into a regular classroom, however, she isn’t without her challenges. We’ve been asked by well meaning folks when we’d have another child so that she would have a mate. Our story to parenthood started with a failed pregnancy which lead us to adoption, which seemed so natural for us. But the adoption process is long and unpredictable so we stopped at one. Sometimes, when I read your posts, I wonder if we had made the wrong decision.

    Your strength, your love, your tenacity, your will, and your faith… they are inspiring. I know you didn’t set out to be an inspiration, as most parents of special needs parents are just doing what they need to do b/c they love their children. But I just wanted you to know that you are. And although I may not be religious in the conventional or traditional way, I still admire the way in which you find grounding in your faith. You may not know this, but your words serve to remind me to be a good person, to hold strong to what I believe, and to do the best I can, and that sometimes we’re not always successful but doing our best is what’s important.

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