Prayers of an Autism Mama

Dear God,

Give her everything she needs today to grow and learn.

Please let her have a good day. Or just a good hour.

Let there be short lines and no crowds.

Please help us manage this outing to the ___ (store, park, restaurant, doctor’s office). Help her not to become upset or overwhelmed.

Lord, please make her get out of the ___ (car, bed, bath tub, washing machine).

Rhema, age 5

Rhema, age 5

Give me patience… I need more.

Protect her, dear God – body, mind, heart and soul.

May she be comfortable in her clothes and her own skin.

Help her sleep. And me, too.

Don’t let them discontinue or change the packaging on her favorite foods.

And please let them build a drive-thru Panera in my town.

Give me her smile. And her courage.

Please, please no SIBs today. No aggressions. No seizures.

But if there are, be near to her. Speak to her heart as only You can and please tell her I love her.

Fill her with Your peace and abiding joy.

Help me see what I can’t see, help me understand what she can’t say.

Let me not miss one lesson she has to teach.

Give her something to do that is hers, that will bring her enjoyment and a sense of accomplishment.

Let me hear her beautiful song all of my days.

And let me live one minute longer than her.

May she know she is surrounded in love. That she is seen and heard and known, deeply cherished, always celebrated.



What are some of your prayers for your children? I’d love to join you in praying…

18 thoughts on “Prayers of an Autism Mama

  1. I was just praying last night asking God to help us really understand Jack’s thoughts. I know God knows what he’s thinking — but sometimes I worry that our assumptions are off.

    Your prayer above covers everything. Although I did have a friend tell me once not to ever pray for patience, because God would give it to you and the process wouldn’t be fun. 🙂

    • Yes, I’ve been told it’s dangerous to pray “Lord, teach me patience!” But still I find myself asking because I just plain need more of it.

  2. I thought your prayer was great. I pray for my kids too. The one line of your prayer that brought a tear to my eye was “And let me live one minute longer than her.” Parents aren’t supposed to out-live their kids but I TOTALLY understand your point. If you die first, who will take care of your daughters? Will they be able to handle Rhema? How will your kids handle your death? It’s sad but true that this line is probably part of the prayers of many parents of kids with special kids. God bless! Thanks for sharing your faith with us.

  3. Amen and amen. There are drive thru paneras? I must google. My prayers for M and me, I want to be better. What is disobedience, what is deliberate, what is out of his control, just how many letters of the alphabet can one name have after it, now ODD (kind of funny to call a child odd). Lifting Rhema and her Mom up on this Monday.

  4. As a mom of an amazing 9 year old little boy–who shares many of the struggles you and your Rhema describe–and his two beautiful older sisters I am so grateful to have found your blog. My heart echoes your prayers though my prayers are a struggle right now. Thank you for sharing all that you do and for bearing witness to the strength that comes with faith!

    • May her father either find the Lord or stay out of her life. May her mother come back to the Lord. May I have wisdom and discernment in helping to raise her.

  5. Amen.

    Thank you for all of your blessings, Lord. Thank you for health. Thank you for watching over the children. Thank you for protecting them. Thank you for your grace and for your mercy. Thank you for another day.

  6. Thank you for your beautiful and soulful poem. Our son Noah is now 16 and I related to every word you wrote. I have shared with many who will also understand and some who may now understand. With gratitude for your willingness to share and be so honest. You are not alone although sometimes it feels that way. Sending prayers and a virtual hug

  7. I am constantly amazed by you. You have so much on your plate. Yet you want to pray for us and our children.

    Your prayer was beautiful and sad and (again) beautiful. I pray that (y)our prayers will be answered.

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