Do not lose heart

“… Though now for a little while you may have had to suffer grief in all kinds of trials.”
~1 Peter 1:6

We’re studying chapter 1 of 1 Peter, and there is a theme of suffering and ‘joy unspeakable’ in the same breath.

If I were to compare my life to others I cannot say I have suffered. Not really.

But pain is pain is pain. Some days, for Brandon and me, even the wonderful things we experience are underscored by a sense of regret and wistfulness, a sorrow that our darling daughter struggles, that her road is marked with ‘all kinds of trials.’

And yet I’ve looked at my children and I’m certain I’ve seen and been touched by the closest thing JOY UNSPEAKABLE this side of heaven.

Peter called our faith, tried by fire, much more precious than gold. And there is comfort in that. To know that God is doing something. That we can gather up our smoking pile of ashes, hurts, disappointments, broken hearts and dreams and give it all to Him. And nothing is wasted.

This video has ministered to us so much. If you can watch it, do not stop before 3 minutes and 25 seconds in:

4 thoughts on “Do not lose heart

  1. This is a hard thing to bear, when you’re in the middle of stuff. But it is the truth. Thank you for sharing. God has sent me a reminder, across the seas, through you; and it’s like His arms come down and wrap around me – the same way I do for my girls when they are hurt – and he gently tells me “Come on honey, you’ll be ok. Stand up.”

    Bless you guys. xx

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