Thank you and an update

The night Brandon was packing to return to Kuwait we had Christmas all over again. He’d brought home the hundreds of cards and letters he received in response to my Mail Call back in December. He and Hope spread them out all over the bed, and I was overwhelmed with gratitude. It was such a gift to read the words and see the faces of friends we know and those we don’t know but somehow God has connected us. Thank you, thank you truly.

From Brandon:
Once again during this deployment I am touched by the generosity and kindness toward me and my family. In so many ways people have filled in the gaps while I have been gone. And, when my wife posted a request for cards here on this blog, I was overwhelmed with the flow of mail. A few hundred cards and packages came my way. From individuals, schools, and organizations. From all over the world. Amazing!

I am late with my thank you here because when one doesn’t know what to do/say in response to such a thing, one procrastinates. So, I will just have to say THANK YOU. Please know that the outpouring of mail was greatly appreciated. I took in all of the cards and letters and notes. If you sent a card during the Christmas season, you made my day when it arrived. Thank you.


B’s time at home was great. Two weeks is just long enough to get re-integrated as a family, and I almost forgot that having him home is not “normal” for us. Now that he’s gone again I admit I’m smarting a little to be back in our same old circumstances. Over the weekend I posted the following on Rhemashope’s Facebook page (in fact if you’re on FB the next few paragraphs are a repeat!):

We said goodbye to the husband/father yesterday at the airport. Hope cried buckets of tears. Rhema didn’t seem to understand when he held her and said goodbye, she was too excited to be going on a trip. She tried to follow him as he walked …away. I was business-like(Ok, Be safe, See you soon.) – a thousand concerns already swirling my head. So thankful this is not goodbye for good, only goodbye for 4.5 months. We’ve had many of these goodbyes; they never get easy.

“How lucky I am to have something that makes saying goodbye so hard.” ~Winnie the Pooh


Lastly, Rhema is scheduled for surgery tomorrow (Tuesday). It’s considered minor surgery. But when autism is in the mix things considered “minor” are sometimes anything but. There’s the fasting before the surgery, the wait time at the hospital, the anesthesia, the recovery period, the fact that this is not Rhema’s usual hospital, the fact that the husband is deployed, the fact that I have no real way of communicating to her… what is happening – these are things that make this procedure *not* minor.

A nurse on the phone told me that a Child Life specialist would be calling to set up an Autism Care Plan. I didn’t know what that was exactly. She explained that it’s a plan that will detail Rhema’s unique needs and help them know how to make her as comfortable as possible  – whether it’s speaking softly or changing the lighting in the room, whether it’s providing weighted blankets and sensory toys or social stories. ‘Whatever can be done to make it easier for Rhema.’ I told her, “I think that is all kinds of awesome. Thank you.”

Because sometimes small things can make a really big difference.

Thank you for sharing in our lives.

4 thoughts on “Thank you and an update

  1. I hope the rest of the deployment goes very quickly to see him back home safely again, and I hope Rhema’s operation and everything preceding and following it goes as smooth as can be! May God be with you and carry you through xx

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