Real strength


When people hear some of the current details of our lives– husband/father deployed for a year, two children… one with autism and significant needs, one with fifty million food allergies (ok, I exaggerate), me trying to hold down the fort and keep up with a demanding job in the city – they will often say something like “I don’t know how you do it” or “You are a strong person”. I smile at kind comments like “You make it look easy” because they haven’t seen my house or car and they’re probably overlooking the massive circles under my eyes or the snot-spaghetti sauce combo in my kid’s hair.

There have been times when I’ve just said thank you. But it’s disingenuous.

Because… it’s not me. It’s all God.

Truly, friends. I am so not strong. But He is our strength and song. And I know long time readers are used to me rambling on about God and faith and all that. But these are not just words or me trying to be humble. Without the Lord’s grace and help and mercy I would surely fall. And even when I stumble the Lord upholds me with His hand. It’s only because of Him that I can get up in the morning and face the day with hope and peace.

Some of His good gifts strengthening me now: a shared laugh with husband on the phone, a Rhema smile and a Hope story, friendship, sisterhood, food that fills, warm home and beautiful babies resting upstairs (long eyelashes on cheeks), His promised presence.

It’s extravagant provision. It’s head lifter. It’s burden light. It’s how He does it.

He is so good to me, so good to us.



* G won last week’s book giveaway!

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