North Shore glory

Dear Child,

Tears have a language all their own. I keep track of all your sorrows, and collect your tears in my bottle*. Please, precious girl, don’t hurt yourself.

Come away with me. Let me show you. Won’t you come to the waters?

Take my hand and walk with me.


Shhh. Be speechless. Hear the applause of the gulls on high.

Let the rhythm of waves beating the shore, crashing over rocks and rolling back again fill you with comfort and strength.

Breathe in salty smell way down to your toes. Laugh at the taste of the cool spray. Feel the warmth across your face and let your spirits rise on bellowing winds.

“Oh the deep, deep love of Jesus
Vast, unmeasured, boundless, free
Rolling as a mighty ocean
In its fullness over me”


“Underneath me, all around me
Is the current of Your love…”


“Oh the deep, deep love of Jesus
Far surpassing all the rest
It’s an ocean full of blessing
In the midst of every test…”


You’ll never be able to take in the whole of the glorious horizon. All of this, a concert of praise: Great are you, Lord.

But open your eyes, little one, and believe more than you ever have before. Open your eyes and see this sparkling majesty. See you how big I love you.


“Oh the deep, deep love of Jesus
Mighty Savior, precious Friend

You will bring us home to glory
Where Your love will never end.”



*Psalm 56:8

**Note: These pictures (which cannot begin to tell it all) were taken near my dear friend’s Esther’s home. And she reminded me of the hymn O the Deep Deep Love of Jesus. Rhema had become upset in the car and was crying, screaming and pulling our her hair. I begged her to walk along the coast with me and breathe in the beauty and find her calm. And then I realized God wanted us both to.

6 thoughts on “North Shore glory

  1. As I read this I prayed for you and your family, all your family, and thought how deep the love of Jesus. Using you to tell me the same truths He told you, that He calms you as prayers are lifted for your/my child. I felt peace. He often will hold up a mirror to me when I am correcting my child (how many times have I told you) to remind me that, as his child, I make the same mistakes and need the same corrections. I hadn’t realized that my positive attempts to parent, my loving, consoling, encouraging times, I have learned and are perfected through my perfect Father. Thank you for this good morning hug.

  2. Oh and I forget to mention how simply beautiful your writing and the pictures are, what an awesome post this is (Rhemas smile shines through) could it be Lynch park?

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