Wednesday night miracle

I posted this on Rhemashope Facebook page and I wanted to the story here, too. Days later and I still can’t stop smiling!

Several nights a week Rhema puts on her shoes and hands me my purse and keys. I know she wants to go somewhere, but I don’t know where. So we just get in the car and drive for a while. We’ve been doing this for months – since before Brandon returned home from deployment. I’ve talked about it at school meetings with her teachers, about how I wish she could tell me where she wants to go.

Earlier this week she was home all day after an illness so I wasn’t surprised when she initiated the nightly-drive-routine. She put on her shoes, brought me my keys and my shoes. Then she put “Grocery store” on her Ipad. It was a page/screen on her communication program I’ve never seen her use before. [Later I went into her Proloquo app and found the button. She went through a number of pages to get there: Art Activity->Categories->Places->Stores ->Grocery store.]

Over and over she tapped the image: “Grocery store.”

It was the first time I’d ever seen her associate an image with a place/destination.

We went, of course. In our PJs. I may or may not have broken the speed limit! And she ran to the freezer section of the store and got an Italian ice. Sniff. My girl is just like her mama. Highly motivated by food.

I told people, total strangers, She told me! She told me she wanted to go the grocery store.

She is so patient and smart. I am blown away.

7 thoughts on “Wednesday night miracle

  1. I. AM. SO. EXCITED. FOR. YOU! And I’m so blessed to get to “watch” the miracles unfold. Such a good mamma going for a drive at night so many times with no destination….until there was. I’m jumping up and down in your kitchen with you holding your hands laughing and screaming for joy. Yay Jesus!

  2. Yah Rhema!! That is so exciting….my little guy is mostly non-verbal too so when those moments happen we hold on and never forget!! Just proves how much is going on inside those heads of theirs….Thanks for sharing…you put such a smile on my face today!

  3. What a strong girl, to be able to fight through the fog of seizures and meds to find a way to tell you what she wants! I’ve been reading your blog for a long time now to try to understand the parents of my autistic students, and since I am epileptic, I can identify with Rhema somewhat. Those meds are ROUGH and I’m an adult. It took me forever to find one that controlled my seizures AND didn’t make me feel crazy. I can only imagine how Rhema must feel, so the fact that she is still trying every day is truly inspirational.

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