A silly story

So a while back Hope was telling me how much she wanted a little sister or brother. She kept talking about it so finally I decided to turn it into a game,

“You do have a little sister.”

“No I don’t.”

“Yes, you do.”

“Well then, where is she?”

“She’s um… in my closet of course.”

“In the clawwsett??”

“Yes. I play with her after I put you and Rhema to bed. We try to be quiet and not wake you up.”

She eyed me suspiciously.

“How old is she?”

“Oh, she’s still a baby.”

“Does Daddy know about her?”

“Nooooo. When he comes home from Kuwait we’ll surprise him.”

“Well, what’s my little sister’s name?” she asked hands on her hips.

“Her name is…ahhh… Alana. Yeah. Alana.”

And on and on went the questions and answers. The story got bigger and bigger. I thought we were, you know, exercising our pretend play skills, doing some good old make believe. It took a bit for me to to realize that Hope actually believed the story. As I tucked her into bed that night she asked me if she could meet Alana in the morning… or at least see a picture of her.

“Well… Sure!”

So the next day a very excited Hope sat down next to me.

“Oh Hope. She looks soooo much like you. Can’t wait to show you her picture.”

“I can’t wait!”




She hooted with laughter, it bubbled up and spilled out.

We laughed so hard we had tears.

“You got that off the Internet! You tricked me!” She said in between giggles.

“I didn’t mean it. The story just kind of got out of hand.”

I was relieved that was the end of Alana.

Several weeks later as I strolled out of my bedroom I was somewhat disturbed to find a baby doll in her birthday suit sitting in my closet.

Again, the next day, I was in my room and looked up to find the doll staring at me.

Hope entered and exclaimed,

“Oh hey there, little sis!”

Well played, Hope. Well played.

Hope and Alana. (My closet is dirty because Alana made such a mess in there).

Hope and Alana. (My closet is dirty because Alana made such a mess in there!)

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