Trusting still

We’re off to Disney World today!

We’re doing it through Wings for Autism and ASD Vacations, and the travel agent coordinating our trip has a child on the spectrum. We will have our own check-in line at the airport. Our plane from Boston to Orlando (and back) will be completely occupied by families who have children with autism. Cool, right?! When we arrive, we’ll meet with Guest Services to learn how to use the Disability Access Service (DAS) cards. We’ll also meet with someone from Dining Services to talk about special dietary restrictions (‘cuz we have A LOT!). We will have 1:1 respite while in the parks.

For us, I think this is the way we pull this off. It’s going to be crazy and fun (I hope!).

I thought I’d post an oldie in the meantime – this has been on my mind a lot lately:

“Trusting still sits well with my soul.”
~Christina Levasheff

When Hope prays she asks small and big things of God: to lose her tooth before her sixth birthday (she did), that her food allergies would go away, that Rhema would “talk.”

I love the faith in her, so genuine and unreserved.

She was afraid of the dark and I told her that when I was a little girl and I was frightened at night I would ask Jesus to come. I would hold my hand open and believe that He was right there with me holding my hand.

Later that night when I peeked in I found her resting peacefully, her little hand open atop her blanket.

The answers to the petitions of my heart have not always been yes. And some answers are a long time coming. But I still whisper prayers in the night. In the morning I still know the comfort of God’s hand in mine. Because He is faithful. Every moment He’s been faithful.

Decades from now, when life is hard, when life is good, when life is unexpected, when she’s afraid, when she’s waiting, I hope she will say,

“Trusting still sits well with my soul.”

(Originally published November 2012)

7 thoughts on “Trusting still

  1. So happy for you!! We had a fantastic time at Disney. You are going to have a blast. Ian loved every sensory moment except getting wet on a rafting ride. Especially happy for Hope–memories for years to come.

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