My one defense

It’s one of those times when we look up to find Rhema quietly weeping. We don’t know what brings on her sad tears. But every time, we drop everything, Hope and I. We swoop down on her holding her hands if she’ll let us, stroking her hair, sheltering her in love.

She cries.

His faithfulness will be your shield, I read it this week.

Yes, there are days even weeks and months when so much hurt and painful information crowds around like enemies of the soul. Broken bodies, fragile hearts, temptations, what I can’t undo, disappointment one every side – they roar their mockery.

Can we be helped?

In the battle I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.”

So bring the arrows, bring the swords. Bring the peace that passes understanding. When it’s over bring the victory song. My Glory, my head-lifter, my one defense.

Faithful then, faithful now, He is ever faithful. He lifts it up like a shield.



(Quotes from Psalm 3, Psalm 91).

5 thoughts on “My one defense

  1. I have followed your posts for a long time. I recently began taking products that have given me my health back. My daughter has given them to her Autistic son with wonderful results. I ran across a person’s testimonial that made me think of you and your dear little Hope. Please know that I am sharing because I care. The products are from Plexus Worldwide. I will tell you up front that I signed up as an Ambassador to get the cheapest price, but when I received such profound help I feel obligated to share.

    I truly feel that the Lord is behind many natural products that have been placed in the world at this time which have wrought mighty changes in people’s lives. Check it out won’t you please.


  2. I’m sorry I mixed up your little girl, Rhema’s name with her sister’s name. That is what being in a hurry will do to a person. May the Lord bless you all.

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