Psalm of a daughter

Hope begs me to wake her up twenty minutes early every morning so she can do her “devotions.” It’s her quiet time to read the Bible, write and pray. It’s become a nice little ace in my pocket – she’s such a procrastinator at bedtime. So I say, “If you don’t go to sleep I’m not going to wake you up twenty minutes early because I’ll think you need more sleep.” She instantly jumps in the bed and pulls up the covers. And I laugh like the purple pie man, “Ha, ha, haaaa.”

I love her eagerness for quiet time in the morning. At age eight, she is sincere and unashamed in her faith, devoted. I pray she will always be. That she will know His faithfulness stretches across all the days of her life. That she always knows she is His, a daughter of love.

Recently I dug out one of my old devotion journals and showed it to her. Pages and pages of my reflections on verses and prayers I’d prayed over 20 years ago. (Interspersed with some notes to boys, I might add. One says, ‘Please don’t call me anymore.’ But I guess I never gave it to him(?)) Pages of the heart of a girl trying to love her God.

Then Hope showed me a psalm she’d written, and she said I could share it here. (Oh, and she’s proud of her *creative* spelling).


My Psalm of Prase

Date: 4-11-15

Dear God,

I thak you for all I have, a warm home, a great family and everything I need. You are a great God, so I shall prase your name and none other. You comfort me you protect and you gied me. Thank you Lord for everything. Your earthly dater, Hope

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