“I have indeed seen their misery… and I have heard their cry. I know their sorrows.”

We’ve been reading the story of Moses. Rhema and I. I write that casually, as if it is nothing new. But we sit and I read to her and ask her questions about the story (by writing out choices on paper RPM-style), and I believe that she is listening and understanding. Well, that’s never happened here before, and it’s remarkable.

At first there was resistance (as in, what is my mother doing to me??”) Now it seems the time is precious, just 20 minutes or so, just for us. For the first time in eleven years I get to teach her in a way I’ve never been able to before. When we’re done, she pushes my hand toward the pen; she wants to keep going.

I picked Moses. Because he too had to find his voice.

I write out the words God spoke to Moses through the burning bush: I have seen, I have heard, I know.

He tells Moses that He has come down to rescue the people of Israel. He is sending Moses to deliver them from their slavery and oppression. Moses protests, saying, Who am I that I should do this? No doubt he is thinking of his inadequacies, his unworthiness, past failures and fears, his “slow tongue.”

God says, But I will be with you.

I ask her about it, writing out different choices on paper. What did God say to Moses’ objections?

She waits. She lifts her hand and slowly, purposefully points. That beautiful, hard-won point. Her finger presses the words, But I will be with you.

“He will, Rhema,” I whisper. “Always. He will.”

When I cannot, He will.

And if she remembers in the moments when she feels so alone, little girl standing at the window, always on the outside looking in, that she is indeed seen…

And if she believes that when she can’t speak, that she is heard…

And if she trusts that when no one understands her quiet sorrows, that she is known…

by the God who wonderfully made her and whose love for her is indescribably extravagant, measureless, endless…

that is enough, more than enough.

No matter what life brings if she will touch those words, cling to them, hold them close to her heart,

But I will be with you

Then this mama’s heart rests and rejoices.

She has all she’ll ever need.


8 thoughts on “Enough

  1. “Be still and know that I am God”. Your baby knows! My heart filled when I read today’s post. Every day, every time may not be so clear and obvious, but your Rhema knows.

  2. I love with every mommy fiber in me that you are at this place of sharing the Word with her and seeing glimmers of hope. His Word will not return void.

  3. Amazing…truly amazing. The precious moments of understanding, communicating, being able to share Christ’s incredible, “always there” love and to have her respond. Absolutely amazing. I rejoice with you Neily. I rejoice with Rhema. And I rejoice with our Heavenly Father ,who I’m sure was smiling ear to ear as He poured out this incredible blessing. Love…love.

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