My hope

When Hope was just a toddler, I wrote the following:

This girl is only 1.5 years old, but she has BIG personality. She is expansive, full of life, rarely shy, always chattering away to family and friends, doggies and cars that pass by. She never acts like she’s the new kid on the block, even though she has only been on the earth a short time. She has the wonderful ability to lighten the mood wherever she goes; unfazed by chaos, she will greet you with a grin so wide that her eyes squeeze shut. She is the merriment of my life.

Hope’s nature helps me understand what it means to “abound in hope.” Abound can mean to “overflow” or “exist in great quantities, a surplus.” When I gave my heart to Christ, He gave me a hope that no matter what happens in my life, I will one day see His glory and live with Him. I know no greater hope. But I only just realized that this kind of hope is one that spawns even *more* hope. I picture hope bursting at the seams, running over, uncontainable. Where there is progress and good news, there is hope. Where there is regression and sorrow, there is still more hope. Hope is plenteous; it never runs out.

…I want to exude this kind of Hope hope. God is the God of hope.


At age eight, she still abounds in hope and fills my heart everyday.

Recently she made a “Stress Pocket” for me and told me to take it to work. She explained that I could pull a card from it whenever I felt the need. I asked her where she came up with such an idea. I thought perhaps our friend Katie had told her about her birthday gift of special cards to her mother. Hope just smiled and said, “I thought of it myself. And I did it one-handed. Haha.” (She broke her wrist a few weeks ago).

I put the Stress Pocket on my desk at work and forgot about it… until one day last week it caught my eye.


I pulled out the instructions…


{This is your stress bag. When you are feeling stressed pick a card (any card) and read it. Hopefuly, you will be encouraged. Your done!}

So I pulled out a card:


{Cast all your cares and anxitey on him, because he cares for you.}

I could have dissolved into a puddle right there on the spot. My girl was ministering to me, not with her own words but with the ancient words – God’s Words – that alone have power to change my heart, lift my soul, spur me on. Even at a young age, she knows these Words, she’s proved them, and they are spirit and life. How I desperately needed to remember and believe that simply He cares for me.

I didn’t know if I was allowed to pick another card, but I couldn’t resist. I laughed when the next card I pulled had hearts and smiley faces and said, “Pick again.”

This was getting fun.


{“Commit to the Lord whatever you do and your plans will succeed.”}

Over the past few days I have pulled more cards and each one is a treasure.


{“Fear not for I am with you.”}


{“do not worry about anything instead pray about every thing.”}


{“consider it pure joy whenever yo face trials of meany kinds because you know that the testing of your faith developes persevearance.”}


Thank you, dear Hope. How you have overflowed my days with love, laughter, joy, and sweet hope… words can never tell what a gift you are to us all. I am blessed beyond measure to be your mommy.

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