“Well, no, I couldn’t think of one thing I would rather waste my time on than sitting here with you.”
~Every Minute, Sara Groves


Brandon was packed as usual and ready for his work week in NYC. I came in to say goodbye the night before. Because I am not conversational at 4 in the morning when he heads for the airport.

“Gimme a hug.”

He hugged me and didn’t let go.

After a few moments I tried to break free, but his arms were too strong.

Oh ok. A game.

I patted him on the shoulder patronizingly and put on my Mommy voice: “All done.”

I was teasing, I didn’t mind. And I am always, always too worried about time. How long had it been since we just rested in an embrace?

When I thought we were done, he quickly whipped my arm across his shoulder and around his neck and held my hand captive. I laughed. It was a Rhema move. She has this way of getting you into a Jiu-Jitsu armlock and you’re pretty much at her mercy. When we walk, when we sit, at home, in public, wherever – my arm is usually locked in position over her right shoulder.

I think it makes her feel safe. I think it’s her way of keeping me close.

Lately it seems more than ever Rhema wants us to just be. With her. It forces us to slow down, and I try to remind myself of how awesome it is that she wants this and is seeking it out. Giving her special time and attention means sitting with her while she listens to her favorite songs or plays on her iPad. It means driving, just driving, in the car together. It means a tickle fest. It means hooking pinky fingers long after you’ve tucked her in.

And if you try to leave… well, then the ninja armlock from a warrior girl.

There’s an old Sara Groves song that resonates with me deeply because it reminds me of precious friendships I’ve shared and missed… and times with family I’ll never forget.

I am long on staying. I am slow to leave. Especially when it comes to you my friend…

And I wish all the people I love the most could gather in one place and know each other and love each other well….

And at the risk of wearing out my welcome, At the risk of self-discovery,

I’ll take every moment and every minute that you’ll give me.

Tonight we stole time and my Brandon took extra moments to hold me and be silly. Thank you, faithful love. I’m so glad our arms are locked.

And my Hope, already eight, kind and funny and amazing… she still wants to hold my hand, play with my hair, and giggle in my ear. Oh darling, I will take it. Eight or eighty-eight, I love nothing more than holding your sweet hand in mine. Can you stay forever?

And my Rhema, it seems new, this being jealous for my attention. Our bond is deeper somehow, like she’s shared a secret. Slowly, wondrously blooming, she is an exquisite flower. I’ll try not to rush, dear girl. I’ll take every moment. Every smile, every connection, every sweet sound. Every moment and every minute that you’ll give me.

4 thoughts on “Every

  1. The days are long and the years fly by. What a gift to realize this and try to squeeze as much out of each precious moment as possible. Bless you.

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