ipod_july 002

Rhema in 2012 after she wrote her name.

We’ve been practicing RPM and studying Moses in the book of Exodus for months now.

A couple weeks ago I posted this on Rhemashope Facebook page:

We’re at the point where the people have escaped Egypt, they are at the edge of the desert and they don’t know the way… they don’t know how to go on. But again there’s the promise from God to Moses and to the people: I am with you.

Rhema practiced spelling the word PROMISE.

So I wrote God’s promise on paper, and she spelled it on the letterboard:

Letter by deliberate letter, we believe more and more. He’s spelling it out for us, inscribing it on our hearts.


Last night we read how the Israelites were trapped at the edge of the wilderness, with mountains on one side, the Sea in front of them, and Pharoah and his army with 600 chariots closing in on them. God caused strong winds to blow that parted the Red Sea and the people walked across on dry land to safety. Our Storybook Bible described it like this: When there had been no way, God made a way.

It’s good to remember the presence and faithfulness of God in seasons past… when we did not know the way. A friend once wrote: “Remember God. Remember him well. Remember where you’ve come from, where you’ve been, and where you’re headed. Remember how he’s been there each and every time. He’s in it all—past, present, and future, and his faithfulness never ends.”

I said to Rhema, “After Daddy and I got married we wanted to have a baby. But for some reason it was hard for me to get pregnant. I wondered if it would ever happen. And then one day after years of trying I found out that there was a precious life growing inside me. I was so happy. It was you! God made a way.

And then Daddy had go away to war for a year just before you were born… we were stationed in Germany and I wondered how we’d do it. But God showed us the way.

And I’ll never forget the time we needed to get you into a special school as soon as possible. The school had a five year waiting list. You got in in three months! God made a way for us.”

(I find myself telling her things I’ve never told her before. Or, perhaps I did tell her in the past, but our conversations are different now. I now know they are not one-sided. It’s awesome (so awesome!) to really be able to talk with my girl and believe she understands.)

Then I asked her something. And I don’t know if I was messing things up by asking such an open ended question at this stage, but there was no turning back. I held up the stencil board. “So… what do think about when you think of God making a way? Just one word is fine.”

I don’t think it was coincidence, the word she spelled. We’d practiced it once or twice several weeks before, but she had not attempted it since.

She spelled R H E M A.

ipod_july 001

July 2012

10 thoughts on “Way

  1. As I was praying this morning, I asked God to use you and your story to touch many. I realized that He already has but I know this will continue. Bless you and your family, dear one.

  2. Preach Rhema! This sent chills to my spine and much needed fuel for my faith.

    It was a tough day here at Wilsonville and I found myself frustrated, humbled, then full of gratitude for his grace and starting praying for you and Rhema as I tried to regroup and make dinner. God is working…real time Neily. He has done great things, is yet doing great things and the best is yet to come!!!!

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