Going with us

A routine doctor’s appointment for Rhema these days is anything but. She experiences so much anxiety about hospitals and medical offices that I’ve had trouble just getting her into the building, and we’ve had to cancel appointments. Earlier this year a doctor met with me in the parking lot because Rhema became so overwhelmed. Recently that same doctor conducted an appointment at Rhema’s school – a place where she feels comfortable, safe and supported. I am still amazed and grateful that this doctor was willing to think outside the box and do whatever was necessary to help my girl be ok.

But my gratitude doesn’t stop there. Every day for months Rhema’s teachers and our school nurse have been taking her into a medical office at school. They work on taking off shoes and standing on the scale and getting height and vitals and sitting on the examination table. These things have always been hard for Rhema to manage, lately they’ve been pretty much impossible. Even when she had her appointment at school her heart was pounding out of her chest she was so nervous. But they practice at school every day.

Today she has an appointment with a new doctor at a new facility. New = unfamiliar = anxiety. Every aspect of it will be hard – getting through the doors, sitting in the waiting room (a coughing child could trigger an upset), walking into the examination room, the waiting, staying in the examination room, the appointment itself… she’s scheduled to receive 2 injections.

I don’t know how it’s going to go.

But… but. She’s been practicing.

And at the very least she knows that she’s not alone.

Two of her teachers are going with us. To help her. To help me.

Not enough can be said for how wonderfully and completely people have come alongside us and supported and loved my sweet girl. They go with us, all in, on this journey.

All I can say is thank you again and again to every one of you. You know who you are. And I hope you know how Rhema loves you, how you inspire her.

(Video is an RPM session Rhema and I did last night. The video quality is not so great, but we are talking about going to the doctor. The fact that she is answering questions by spelling answers is an incredible accomplishment, something I could not have imagined a year ago).

6 thoughts on “Going with us

  1. The fact that your doctor would go to school to see Rhema speaks volumes to the kind of doctor and man he is! That just brought tears to my eyes. I love that Rhema’s teachers have been helping her practice going to the doctor. What a wonderful group of teachers she has! I love that she is able to communicate with you through spelling on her board! That also brings tears to my eyes! Praying that your appointment is so much better than you could imagine and that Rhema is peaceful and calm – even during the injections!

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