On words and song

So much has been happening with Rhema’s communication I don’t even know where to begin. I alternate between wanting to shout from the rooftops every little thing she spells on her stencil board to needing to keep it all close to my heart and sit with it a while.

The lines from a U2 song:

I want to trip inside your head
Spend the day there…
To hear the things you haven’t said
And see what you might see

After nearly twelve years of silence we get to do that. And it is awesome. It truly is like God has opened the floodgates of heaven and poured out a blessing so great we can’t even take it all in.

Friends, family, and some therapists who work with Rhema have said to me, “You always believed.” That’s true, but I only had a little belief… just enough to keep hoping and keep trying.

And I guess all anyone ever needs is just a little faith. A little faith with proper tending will take root and grow into big faith that can move mountains.

She is still Rhema. She still needs support with every part of her day. She still struggles to live in a body that repeatedly betrays her and navigate a world that often overwhelms her. It’s often hard to believe that the girl I see is the same girl who is now able to share her beautiful thoughts. So far I’ve yet to hear a trace of anger or bitterness or discontent in her words. Only thankfulness.

I’m taking notes from both of my girls about genuine faith – what it means to simply believe. Regardless of the past or future or circumstances or what others might think or say.

“So love God my heart sings.”

That’s what she said/spelled after we studied a Bible passage that tells us not to worry…

The flowers of the field do not labor or spin. Yet God clothes them in splendor better than kings. How much more so will He dress you in beauty? What is the price of a sparrow? Pennies, right? And yet the heavenly Father never overlooks a single one. You are worth more than a million sparrows. So do not worry. He knows what you need. (Paraphrase of Matthew 6).

Her response: “So love God my heart sings.”

Is that why you sing, girl? Because of Love?

I want to believe like that and love like that and sing like that. So that it flows off my lips and fills my days and makes me faithful and blesses others and blesses God.

6 thoughts on “On words and song

  1. “So that it flows off my lips and fills my days and makes me faithful and blesses others and blesses God.” You so do this Jeneil. You bless others everyday with your faithfulness and love for God and your family. You are a blessing to many and to me! Love ya!

  2. Jeneil, tell me how this is affecting the other parts of your day/life? As you travel in to work in the morning, do your work, converse with others, how light is your tone, opening you up? I can imagine. I know how wonderful you are, even when struggling or worried..so I know you must be glowing! I’m so happy God opened the door to Rhema, give her a new extra hug from me.

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