Go for joy

We spent a day in Maine this past weekend.

Honestly, an outing for us – whether it’s to the grocery store or church or another state – is like the Amazing Race, Family Double Dare and maybe a little Fear Factor rolled into one. (Tell me you remember Family Double Dare on Nickelodeon! Marc Summers? The slime?)

So yeah, we did Maine.

Fast. Making adjustments every step of the way.

I was proud of my crew. For trying. Everyone tried for everyone else.

Rhema tried to wait a little longer when her body wanted to bolt.


B and I tried not to notice all the great restaurants we passed as we settled in at McDonalds – the only place our girl could handle.


And Hope. Oh, she wanted to stay longer and do more and see more, but she never complained when everything was cut short. She just soaked up every moment she could.



At home, I asked Rhema what she thought of our day in Maine.

We’ve been working hard on typing. She starts out by pointing to a letter on the stencil board and then she finds the letter on the keyboard. Letter by letter, stencil to keyboard, that’s how it went until she finished typing her response:


i liked it i had good fun how i love to see new places

I had no idea she loves to see new places. Or that she had ‘good fun’ so I’m very glad she told us. She struggles greatly to navigate the world and manage moments that come easy to most. She tries so hard, so very hard.

“Rhema, I love that you and Hope go for joy.”

Before we signed off I asked her if she had anything else to say.

She typed:


just that i am happy


Amazing Race, Family Double Dare… this time we won.

3 thoughts on “Go for joy

  1. The bible says’…and a child will lead….” God have given you a treasure. Rhema sees the beauty in the world around her and is not tainted by gossip or evil. Rhema is in her own world.
    Jacob, our son lives in his own world but he do take his music with him. And every now and then he out of the blue hugs one of us and through the tears of joy we see through his eyes the beauty of the world.
    Hope sounds to be a AWESOME sister. Let her know Rhema do understand all that she does and she do LOVE her, she loves all of you with ALL her heart.
    Stay strong and always stand together.
    And mom remember it’s okay to want self time every once in awhile. Rhema do understand.

    The Brooks Family

  2. Thank you for sharing Rhema’s words with us. It is such a blessing to know what she is thinking and feeling after praying for her for so long! Please tell her so many people are continuing to pray for her. And please tell Hope that she is the best sister ever!

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