voice – expression in spoken or written words, or by other means

Ever since Rhema began spelling on her letter board I’ve been thinking about “voice.”

I’ve studied the voice of Psalm 29- powerful, majestic, mighty. It thunders over the waters, strikes with flashes of lightning and twists oaks and cedars.

That same voice speaks out of fire to Moses and the Israelites, and out of a whirlwind to Job. To Elijah, it’s a still small voice.

I’ve been thinking about how Rhema prayed for so many years to have a voice. Only we didn’t know. We didn’t even know she prayed. She had no way to show us or tell us her deepest desire, her heart’s cry.

But God heard.

He always hears.

I know in those many moments when she has felt so alone, so muted, so sorrowful and angry by the daily challenges in her life, He has whispered,

I hear you, I see you. I am your God. I am here, and I am holding you. Don’t give up.

I know, I know, in times when I have been wearied and overwhelmed by the journey and felt sure that I couldn’t do it anymore, couldn’t give anymore, couldn’t help or hope anymore, He has shouted,

Get up. Keep going. I am your God. I will strengthen you, I will help you. Don’t give up!

One day He lit my tail on fire and Rhema’s prayer became my prayer even though I didn’t know it was her prayer. Then He laid down a yellow brick road, led us to the lock to the key.

Words can never tell how thankful I am for her voice, and even more that, His voice.


Rhema, age 5


“I think the voice of God is so sweet to someone like me

It soothes me

It satisfies me

It makes mountains tremble and oceans calm

God speaks to me in my heart

He is close to me

He says he loves me” ~Rhema, age 12

6 thoughts on “Voice

  1. Oh, my heart. Rhema, I love, love, love that you hear God’s voice and that you know and feel His abiding love for you.

  2. I’ve often said that God has a special place in His heart for autistic people, Rhema. You have a special relationship with Him. The two of you have conversations. Unlike so many people, you KNOW He hears you. Please keep teaching us. Hugs from gail in NJ.

    • Rhema, the picture by the letter “g” is of me with my granddaughter, Isabella. It was taken at least seven years ago. She, too, is autistic. It took her a while to find her voice.

  3. Rhema, reading this gives me hope. I love God and trust him with everything. My grandson doesn’t have his voice yet, but I pray someday he will. He is autistic and is 27 months old. God bless you.

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