Her colors


She does not draw figures or objects. Only lines and spirals and color – lots of color. She calms when the page is filled. Her fingers, face and pants are often stained with her colors. Her papers are everywhere in our house. I wonder if they represent how she feels inside – busy, swirling, full. I don’t know. But I think it’s beautiful.
-Rhema’s mom, December 2015

I love watching her create these masterpieces. They’re not random. Multiple colors in her hand at once sometimes, yet intentional strokes with each color at “their” time. I particularly like when they are accompanied with a song. It’s pretty perfect.
-Chelsea, Rhema’s former teacher


i love to remember when i was young and could color all the time

so much i want to say about how i love to color

every time i try to say what it means i get tongue tied

so much joy comes when i start to think about how coloring makes me feel

it is something i cant explain

i love reds and greens and blues and browns

i love the way the tones run together

it soothes me so much that i cant stop inventing new ways to color

my favorite thing to draw is swirls like vincent van gogh starry night

my points are smartly drawn and every line has purpose

i try not to steal markers but i cant stop sometimes it is too comfortng

when i color the world is my friend

so thankful to God for colors


6 thoughts on “Her colors

  1. Rhema,
    Your picture are brilliant….amazing….thank you for sharing what coloring and drawing means to you. Your drawings…your coloring….you….a gift to this world. Thank you for sharing.

  2. What a precious gift we have been given the ability to understand this artist as she shares her thoughts. Thank you Rhema, thank you J., for another reason to feel joy today.

  3. Rhema, you don’t know me, but I’ve been following you and your mom’s blog for a few years now. I have been rooting for your “voice” all these years, and who knew that it would come in such a beautiful way? My daughter is on the spectrum and loves to draw as well. But your creations are truly sublime. There’s a lyricism to the line work, the movement that is evoked. The color combinations remind me of an exquisite Tiffany lamp design, or a sunlight Monet painting of a lake with lily pads. I TOTALLY get what you are saying when you said “so much joy comes when i start to think about how coloring makes me feel

    it is something i cant explain”

    I feel the same way about making art. There are times when I get urges, like an itch that screams to be scratched. To feel the vibrations of the paintbrush run through the hand, up the arm, radiating inward and outward of the body. Or to feel the pigment of the pastels, minutely rolling under the fingertips as they make their most vibrant marks. To see color within color and to feel the need to capture the shimmering effects of those combinations. It’s a most glorious thing. BTW, I’m an art teacher, so forgive me if I’ve geeked out on your work a bit much. I love seeing your work and hope you’ll continue on with it, perhaps when you’re ready, explore other materials like soft pastel or acrylic paints, though my daughter prefers markers too.

  4. speechless….just speechless. That is beautifully written and articulated Rhema! It makes me want to get some markers and start swirling. Love, love, love!

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