We’ve been slow to update the blog, but there’s lots going on and many new things have been happening for Rhema.

This week I posted the Rhemashope Facebook page:

Rhema is participating in a science “club”. The lesson will be at age/grade level and she will join kids her own age. We’ve been waiting to be a part of this for months. Will you pray for us that it goes well?

I wanted to share the letters we wrote to the club a couple weeks ago:

Dear [Club],
I have so much I want to tell you
My hope is to be a scientist
My true strong desire is to be a scientist
I really want to say that I love science because so much of God’s glory is in nature and in us
Nothing makes me more happy to than to study science
My hope is to come to your club and see you soon
I so want to speak with you my heart could burst but I will wait until Wednesday
I hope my body will cooperate so I can stay in class
Thank you for having me

Dear [Club],
Thank you for inviting us to your club! I wanted to tell you a little about Rhema. She is your age, and she has autism. She does not speak with her mouth. She is able to communicate her thoughts by pointing to letters on a board and spelling words and sentences. She is also learning to type. Sometimes it takes a long time, but she is so happy to communicate in this way after twelve years of silence.

Autism makes it hard for Rhema to control her body and manage many things that come easy for most of us. She is very sensitive to sounds so she will be wearing noise cancelling headphones when she comes to visit. She will probably color with markers and may hum softly – these things are calming to her when the world often feels overwhelming. But don’t worry she will be listening very closely to the lesson! She is also shy and may cover her face… and she may be too excited and need to leave early, but I want you to know that coming to your club and learning science together is truly a dream come true for her!
Thank you all,
Rhema’s mom



And the next day there was this:

Before we went to the Science Club, Rhema was really struggling. She’d been up all night, and her senses were very much ‘out of order’ (her words).

As she tried to communicate her thoughts she intermittently bit her hand and fingers, rocked, and hit herself. It worried me to see her struggling so. She said:

“I may need to leave early
because my motor skills are bothering me
I hope my body will cooperate
but if not I will praise the Lord
He is so good to me
He made my body
so I will trust Him”

She humbles me.

We went to the Science Club. As some pointed out, just getting there was an accomplishment. Rhema sat between Brandon and me; she colored, tore paper, hummed, walked around, listened and learned. The students and the teacher were such gracious hosts. *She made it through the entire thing!* It was not easy for her, but she did it. Towards the end I asked her if she wanted to say anything, and she spelled two simple words on her board:



I had such a good time in science today

I will never forget it

It was a dream come true

Thank you so much for having me

So much to say about how I learned about science today

I loved hearing about the domains in the book and seeing the groups on the board

It was so interesting to hear about nothing I had heard before

I loved learning about nothing I had heard before

Tomorrow is full of possibilities now that I have been to science class

I must thank the Lord for my mother arranging this for me

Chosen my path in life

I want to be a scientist



7 thoughts on “Scientist

  1. I keep commenting both here and on FB and I am sure I am not saying anything innovative, but I just can’t get over how amazing this is. I love hearing from Rhema and I want you to know how much we all love that you share her with us.

  2. Tears for you, Rhema…and Momma and family too! You are a treasure from the Lord to all of us. And it would not surprise me if one day God uses you to do something really important in the world of science. Whatever He has for you to do, it will be WONDER-FILLED! Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. Amazing. Just amazing. And an amazing mom for never giving up on helping you to speak! ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. I am taking a 40 day fast from fb so this is the first time I am reading this. I am so excited for all of you! Life will never be the same and will keep getting better…this is my prayer for you. Did you get my email? gail

  4. I haven’t commented before, but I have been following Rhema’s journey, and it blesses me to tears to read what the Lord has done in her life. Her recent victory involving the science club joys me beyond words. God bless you both!

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