Rhema enjoying the rain 3 summers ago

Rhema and I have been reading Exodus again. We’re at the part where the Israelites are hungry and thirsty in the desert. They’ve crashed from the high of God’s miraculous rescue when He parted the Red Sea and they walked across on dry land. Now they have gone without water and food for days and they are grumbling at Moses and Aaron: Why didn’t God let us die in the comfort of Egypt where we had lamb stew and all the bread we could eat? You’ve brought us in the wilderness to starve us to death!

“You’ve heard me grumble about plenty, I’m sure. Do you ever grumble about anything, Rhema?” I ask.

“My autism”

Moses told Israel that God had heard their complaints and that they weren’t actually grumbling against him.

But against God.

I am reminded of another story, one that Charles Spurgeon told:

“Get into the state of that poor man who was so greatly blessed to pious Tauler. He wished the man a good day. The man replied, “Sir, I never had a bad day.” “Oh, but I wish you good weather.” Said he, “Sir, it is always good weather. If it rains or if it shines, it is such weather as God pleases and what pleases God pleases me.”

My God, we are dry and need to drink sweet water again. Won’t you rain down some mercy and peace on our children, our families, our country?

You provide. You hear our moaning and you still provide. May we hunger and thirst for You.

I think maybe this is our thanksgiving lesson.

Rhema’s reflections on Exodus 15 and 16:

“My grumbling about my autism is against God

But he really made me so lovely

My story is to bring him glory”

7 thoughts on “Grumble

  1. This makes me cry…YOU are truly SO LOVELY, Rhema! Just like you are…and God is helping you teach us all sooooooo much. I love you! I miss seeing you at church, even tho I didn’t talk to you much—or at all. I wanted to, but I didn’t know you could understand soooo well, beautiful girl! Next time I see you, I WILL TALK TO YOU. I can’t wait! ❤ u xoxoxoxo

  2. Rhema, I hope that God helps you continue to shine. Keep up the good work. Your mom and I are in the same bible study group and love studying Exodus.

  3. Hi there! Merry Christmas! I was wondering if you happen to be on Instagram. I was following you on FB but have since left it, not sure I’ll get back on. I am on IG and like the quieter space there better, was hoping you had an account so I can continue to follow you and your delightful family. thanks, willgoh2

  4. Wow – did she really say that? She understands that she has autism? Unbelievable! (I mean that rhetorically, not to doubt you). That a child who a year ago could not communicate now says this is just so incredulous. Praise you, our Lord and Savior, the God of miracles!!!!!

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