Dear readers

Dear readers

So much I want to say
I have my really good voice now
In other words I have the gift of speaking through pointing

I love sharing my words because in them I find my joy

My story of how I found my voice is so amazing

I had prayed to God to help me and He helped me just when I needed
It is so wonderful to have my story told really nothing makes me happier

My hope is that others with autism like me will find their so good way too
in other words I hope they will find their voice too

Something I want to say is nothing happens to happen
My hope is in the Lord He is my reason for everything
My so good voice is because my mother never gave up
She made me hope it was possible She gave me something to strive for
I will always be grateful to her

Really other people should try RPM
it has opened my world
God gave me such a mind that I can remember letters and numbers in my helper head
They are my really good way of relating to the mind of Christ

I love my really good sister Hope
She is my best friend because shes so much my hope for tomorrow

I love my dad too
He is so strong for my family
I have the best family in the world
It is so good to tell them that after so many years of silence

If I could tell parents and teachers one thing it would be to not give up on their kids
God will help you
325000 people will hear my words because my mother did not give up

Thank you for listening

Love Rhema


*This letter by Rhema was posted on Diary of a Mom ( in September 2016.

5 thoughts on “Dear readers

  1. Thank you Rhema! You have helped a lot of people realize that behavior does not always accurately reflect what a person really feels and thinks, whether a person is speaking or nonspeaking. it sounds like your family is perfectly matched. According to Jewish mysticism, the baby’s soul chooses his/her parents. Looks like you chose well. With love, Sharon

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