Love, Rhema

2016 is the year Rhema’s communication via her letter board took off.

Her words are a gift, one of the sweetest I’ve known.

Some of our favorite Rhema quotes this year…

God will finish what he starts in me
i think that what has happened to me
has meant that God loves me so much
that he would use me to tell my story of how i have been saved


Talk to us like normal so we feel important
We may not respond with our timely voices
but still know that we hear you and think you are lovely to speak to us
So much of talking happens inside with autistic people
so we dont try to engage like others
but we want to so much
So try to remember this too
Strong to make others stomach the uncomfortable
but we are thankful when you do your best


He is my song when the world is hard
He is my song when the noise is too loud
He is my song when the morning comes and the night is over
He is my song when the good is here and the bad is too
He is my song when the storm is raging in my head and i cant find peace
He is my song when i believe
He is my song when i trust in his mercy
He is my song when i am worn to the bone my soul is tired
He is my song when i give my story of his love to the world

-Rhema’s thoughts on Exodus 15:2, “The Lord is my strength and my song, and he has become my salvation; this is my God and I will praise him, my father’s God and I will exalt him.”


I think it demands prayer to heal so much division
Love gets given when we love God like he loves us


My understanding of math comes from an ability to remember what numbers sound like
Numbers have sounds that I can hear so strongly
It sounds like music in my ears
It is so strong that I have trouble hearing anything else
Numbers each have their own notes that make a beautiful song
It is so strong my ears have to try to adjust to the sounds
My favorite number is seven because it sounds like lovely chimes
And my least favorite number is four because it sounds like a bad note out of tune
I love numbers because they store themselves in my helper head
They store themselves together in songs that I can remember
They make a beautiful symphony
My helper head is happy to hear this music
I cant wait to hear more and more
Thank you for listening to me


i have plenty to say about how i am weak but He is strong

He is strong in my so weak self

He is too strong not to save

my strength is limited but his is not

i have no strong thing in much of anything

God is helping me so i can have my story told

it is only in him i can do anything


“Long ago a man had a pet lion.

He taught the lion to be a dog.

This lion tended to his sheep.

Then one day a cat saw the lion and revealed the truth.

The lion first ate the cat.

Then he ate the sheep.

Finally he ate the man.

Moral: never reveal too much.”


To not speak is so hard
but I still trust that I am in His hands
He really will help me to make my story told
My hope is that I will be someone who spreads Gods joy

Not having my speech is not easy
but I can speak in my heart
I can say I love the Lord
He is so good to me
He gave me my hearts desire
He gave me 325000 people to hear my words

I will always pray to God for others to find their voice


“I may need to leave early
because my motor skills are bothering me
I hope my body will cooperate
but if not I will praise the Lord
He is so good to me
He made my body
so I will trust Him”


I would tell the people to not give up
I would tell them to not remember the pain
but trust that God will make a way for them to have their voice
I will pray for you
~Rhema’s message to her friends still searching for their method of communication


Really nothing makes me happier than people knowing the real me
Real me is good to know

I think that God does everything well
And he made us everyone special


Nothing makes me happier than writing on my blog because you believe in me
I’m so thankful for you
really every time I try to thank you I feel inadequate
You have given me hope and something I will never forget, that is worth
Thank you for helping me this year
Love Rhema


4 thoughts on “Love, Rhema

  1. Hello Rhema. How are you? This is Charlie’s mom.
    I have so enjoyed you finding your voice, hearing your joy, hearing your love for the Lord. He has made everything beautiful.
    Thank you for sharing.
    I promise to say more than just hello next time we meet.

  2. This is beautiful, Rhema. I have two sons with autism. Your words reminded me that I need continue to speak with them often, even if they don’t look like they understand, and find ways for them to tell me how they feel.

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