One month

… of a deployment down, many more to go.


Some things that I have learned:

  • Smoke detectors that go off in the middle of the night take a 9-volt battery


  • I can eat a whole bag of candy corns in a day


  • The toilet truly is a technological marvel


  • Rhema knows far more than she lets on


  • Part-time jobs are sometimes not


  • Hope knows her Daddy is always with her – she talks to him as if he’s right next to her, seeing what she sees, sharing in everything she does


  • I can do battle with the rascally raccoon that attacks my garbage and win



  • I need to get the mail out of the mailbox AND read it


  • His strength is perfect when my strength is gone


  • I have been blessed with the very best friends and family


  • The Word is in her mouth


  • Hope needs three meds to control her asthma


  • How to receive


  • Pedia-Lax really does work in minutes


  • A good day is when Rhema successfully uses the potty, eats and sleeps


  • What an axle rod is


  • That when it’s finally quiet, I miss him


  • I know the cooking instructions and calorie count on just about every box of Lean Cuisine there is. Quiz me.


24 thoughts on “One month

  1. I just love that Hope talks to her Daddy like he is right there! You know more than me–what’s an axel rod? We too found that Pedia-Lax is awesome isn’t it?!

    You forgot one: You are stronger than you thought you were.

  2. Thanks for sharing your lessons. Now I know more too. I didn’t really need to know what zaftig means. I raised my oldest for 5 1/2 years on my own. It someways it was the most incredible experience I could have because it taught me to depend upon the Lord. So much so that I was afraid to get married fearing that I’d start depending upon “man” again instead of God. However, I learned over the years of marriage, I still need to depend up Him.

    I remember most of these lessons from being a single mom. I pray that you’ll look back on this and consider it one of the best times in you spiritual walk…hard but incredibly good.

  3. Ummm I am hoping you did not find out the hard way that once you use the pedia lax you don’t let the little darling leave the bathroom.

    The lean cuisine thing I can totally appreciate!!!

    What’s an axle rod????

    Love you!!!

    xo xo xo one of each of you!

  4. You’re awesome and it’s great to see you take some time to appreciate how much you are doing. I too, know the stresses of being one parent in a household (but for different reasons…).
    As long as you are always learning and never stop making progress, you will be fine.

    People who know better call that amazing 🙂

  5. You are mighty,
    You are small,
    You are a mouse,
    And yet you roar.

    You are a fighter
    You’re the light at home
    You rally the masses
    And do it alone.

    You are his strength
    You are her voice
    You are our light
    And you are His choice.


  6. I’m with you. On the candy corn. On middle of the night battles with smoke detectors. On finding strength through our Keeper. On the blessings of family and friends. Lean Cuisine?? Not so much. But I’m pulling for you; how’s it going??

  7. The first 21 days can be the hardest as you try to settle into a “new normal!” I often think it’s more like 42 for those with children trying to settle in; but either way, you are making it girl!! I have been so blessed to hear of those who God has used to surround you in His love so far and I cannot wait to hear what else He has in mind for your entire family throughout the following months.

    I apologize that I am not commenting as frequently; but you are all on my heart and mind and I pray for you daily. How is Brandon doing?

    Much love!

  8. love your list !!!
    the candy corn one made me LOL – I am unfortunately the same way – only with much worse things like icecream
    COntinued hugs and strength for managing on your own – hey did the extra weekend that your hubby was supposed to come back for – already happen ?

  9. I am headed to the frozen foods section for my Lean Cuisines right about the same time your Brandon leaves for good. I am so glad you get another weekend together though I know goodbyes are the worst.

    Great list…..and thanks for the advice on Pedia Lax should we need it.

    Things have been crazy lately as we prepare for the deployment and try to find something to help with Maddie’s seizures. I promise to stay in better touch once my Brandon is gone too.


  10. Dear Jeneil,
    Oh, how you manage to capture the difficulties and heartache of living without your spouse while caring for those two children with such humor and eloquence. I feel so sad for your loneliness. And how I cannot begin to imagine what it must be like to count down so, so many days and to worry about your husband in such difficult circumstances.

    But, sweetheart, how I envy the love the two of you have for each other. What a WONDERFUL man you are married to — to volunteer for that duty, in such a faraway, dangerous land — all for the sake of his child. He is a prince. He is a rare find, and I am so glad he is yours.

  11. Love that zaftig word! I am reframing my “lose 20 lb goal” now to retain the Yiddish ideal of beauty:)

    Lord bless Jeneil and Rhema and Hope as they hope in you daily. Praise you that you are their keeper and have the power to guard their hearts while Brandon is away. Bless their conversations and the works you prepared in advance for both of them to do this year.

  12. Such a list!

    Such a gift to complete and be completed by a soul mate.

    But I read in your list what I know to be true that because I rely so often on my spouse to fill gaps of my weaknesses, I don’t learn from her, I actually just outsource to her, and those weaknesses get weaker.

    Deep and beautiful, and such a relief to depend and be depended on. But wow, it hurts and is ROUGH when the other half is gone.

    Hey, completely unrelated, and not your usual fare for rhemashope, I know, but can I send you an advance copy of my book? maybe you can find a way to work a plug in. it’s based on material from you can send me your address offline.

  13. My husband left today and last week, my older son (age 2) was diagnosed with PDD-NOS. My 7 month old has reflux that the doctors cannot control and is falling off the growth charts. I had to laugh on the smoke detector thing. I discovered that last month when my husband was at training.

    I am making a board book through to help my boys understand a bit better.

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