How I love

I think that people with autism feel more emotions than others

They have so much feelings inside

They love so much that it is hard to keep it in

They may not show it the way others do but they want to show love

I show love by making my family proud of me

I show love by loving God with my heart

I show love by helping others understand what autism is like

I show love by praying for others who have not found their voice

I show love by having my voice heard


I would like to say that my hope is in the Lord

I have so much hope now that I have my voice

I have my really good voice so I can tell the world about my hope

I have so much love for my family that I cannot keep it in

I want to tell the world about how much I love my family

My mom is so good to me

She is my reason for never giving up

She is so much my most best friend

My dad is my good dad

He is loving and mostly patient

My sister Hope is the best sister in the world

She is so happy all the time

She forgives me when I hurt her

I love her more than anything


2015 family photo by Kerrie James

2015 family photo by Kerrie James

Thank you for the way you love us, Rhema girl.

9 thoughts on “How I love

  1. Rhema, thank you for sharing your wisdom with us! Your thoughts…your words…the are a gift to this world. Thank you!!!

  2. Rhema, you make my heart sing. Your words are poetry with so much love and inspiration. Thank you for blessing me.

  3. Rhema, darlin’, I don’t have the gift of tears but, when you write like this, I get choked up and want to cry for joy. Maybe I will find my tears one day as you have found your voice.

    • Rhema, I am so happy that you have found your voice. It is beautiful, wise, tender, joyful, and so very much a praise to God.

  4. I had a dream last night that I was sitting in a circle talking to Rhema, and telling her how much I loved her words. I don’t even know where the dream came from, but I knew she understood me and was happy.

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